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But as impressive and feature rich as MS Office is, there are people who’d prefer to use something else, for numerous reasons. If you’re among the lot, this article is for you.


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Gimars Superfine Fiber Widen Memory Foam Set Nonslip Mouse Pad Wrist Support & Keyboard Wrist Rest Support for Office, Computer, Laptop & Mac & Comfortable & Lightweight for Easy Typing & Pain Relief. List of office suites. GoBe Productive is a lightweight integrated Works-like office suite with a generous 'Hassle-Free License.' – an early Mac Office suite. If your requirements are basic and you don’t need a full office suite, WPS Office is exactly what you need. Packing just the three standard applications (word processor, presentation software, and spreadsheet program), it’s lightweight (under 100 MB) yet feature-rich. Windows only: SoftMaker Office is a free, lightweight office suite consisting of two fast, simple applications. The fist, TextMaker, is a Microsoft Word-compatible word processor that runs lean.

So let’s begin by briefly outlining the reasons users might want Microsoft Office alternatives, and then move on to the listing of the best office suites that you can use in its place. Why would you need a Microsoft Office alternative? There can be many reasons for wanting alternatives to MS Office. Here are a few of them: • High pricing of the licensed version of Microsoft Office • MS Office being too resource intensive, thus leading to slower performance on low end PCs.

/appstore-adobe-comp-cc-for-mac/. Assets you pull into Comp CC from your Library will display as linked files in Illustrator CC and InDesign CC and as SmartObjects in Photoshop CC. GUIDES & GRIDS Customizable grids and guides afford you greater precision with your layouts.

• Overwhelmingly large number of features, most of which are overkill, especially for those who require only basic functionality. • Non-availability on the OS platform (e.g. Linux) you primarily use. Best Microsoft Office Alternatives 1. Apache OpenOffice Probably the most popular alternative to MS Office out there, Apache OpenOffice is loaded with features.

It’s completely free and open-source, and includes the standard trio of office applications (word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation software), in addition to a graphics editor and a DBMS application. Apart from being compatible with MS Office file formats, OpenOffice also supports a huge number of other formats (e.g. It can also be extended with a variety of, and its constituent sub-modules include all standard features like diagramming tools, auto complete, and natural language formulae. Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.8, Linux. Price: Free 2.

LibreOffice Although it’s essentially a fork of the previously discussed OpenOffice, LibreOffice has enough features to hold its own as one of the best MS Office alternatives you can find. It includes applications for everything from editing documents to creating presentations, and aside from UI differences, has a feature set identical to OpenOffice. However, what gives LibreOffice the edge is that its code is much better optimized, thus making it a bit faster. Also, LibreOffice is more actively developed, and is the default office suite included with majority of.

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It even lets you embed fonts in your documents, and has a (in beta) for Android. Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista, Mac OS X 10.8 and later, Linux Price: Free 3. If your requirements are basic and you don’t need a full office suite, WPS Office is exactly what you need. Packing just the three standard applications (word processor, presentation software, and spreadsheet program), it’s lightweight (under 100 MB) yet feature-rich. In addition to having all the essential document creation/editing abilities, WPS Office includes hundreds of free templates and fonts. The free version lets you create and edit documents in MS Office compatible formats. However, for saving in MS Office formats, you need to upgrade to the paid version, which also adds in other features like VBA/Macro support.

Platform Availability: Windows, Linux (Desktop); iOS, Android (Mobile) Price: Free (some features restricted), Paid business version costs $44.99 (billed annually) 4. Softmaker FreeOffice It may not be the best looking thing out there, but as a lightweight MS Office alternative, Softmaker FreeOffice works surprisingly well. It includes the three standard office programs, and among themselves, these provide a host of features such as smart text replacement, granular cell formatting, and automated presentations. Softmaker FreeOffice has robust support for MS Office file formats, and better Office XML compatibility.

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