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On Monday, screenshots were leaked that claimed to show the for the first time. Today, more screenshots have emerged from the same source, giving us a broader look at Microsoft's updated productivity suite for OS X.

The leaked screenshots show a Mac interface that’s identical to Office for Windows across Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. While the additions to Word mainly focus on improved reading. Screenshots have leaked that reportedly show the next version of Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

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The screenshots come via, originating from a confidential Microsoft presentation on Office 16 for Mac. Stonesoft ipsec vpn client. The images show that Microsoft is giving Office a major overhaul for OS X, bringing it closer in style and feature set to the Windows version. The suite will include full support for Retina Displays, along with 'support for new Office 2013 features'. A second slide describes how the new version will include 'seamless integration with Office 365, SkyDrive and SharePoint'. The reference to SkyDrive - rather than the that the cloud storage service adopted earlier this year - suggests that these slides may not be recent, so some of the information contained within them may have been superseded by more recent changes. Outlook for Mac will be 'enterprise ready', with 'improved reliability and performance'. New features include push mail support, category sync, and weather forecast in Calendar. Other slides detail improvements and new features coming to Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote.

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Further slides also reveal that Microsoft plans to release the next version of Office for Mac next year. Microsoft confirmed yesterday that it is aiming to launch new versions of Office for Windows, and it is rumored to be launching Office for Android in the next couple of weeks. Trailers Source and images.

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Microsoft is working on an updated version of the Outlook productivity app for Apple's Mac OS X platform, if screenshots leaked online are accurate. Originsro boards view viewtopic. Chinese site posted screenshots of the new Outlook app, appearing to run on OSX's latest version Yosemite. The site also noted the last time the Microsoft Office suite for Mac was way back in 2011. For its part, said the email client and its dock icon seem fully optimized for the high-resolution Retina displays. Outlook also supports Apple's native pop-up alerts and Notification Center, it added.

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'Microsoft will make cloud syncing and Office 365 an even bigger focus this time around, judging by the screenshots. In terms of design, everything's a bit cleaner and there are transparency effects that should help Office feel like a better fit running on OS X Yosemite,' it added. The Verge also said the next major update for Office for Mac is rumored to arrive sometime this year. — Joel Locsin/TJD, GMA News.

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