Kinesis Advantage Pro Keyboard


Creative x-fi drivers for windows 10. Additional Resources Usage Tips Kinesis Contoured™ keyboards are based on a unique, patented design which has been proven to be the ultimate tool for keyboard intensive users desiring the 'best of both worlds'. A New World of Comfort - The 3-dimensional layout offers incredible comfort, minimizing the pain and strain typists are typically forced to endure with conventional keyboard designs. Whereas other keyboards can minimize awkward postures in the shoulders, arms and wrists, Contoured keyboards also address risk factors in the hands and fingers by redefining the repetitive action of typing. A New World of Productivity - This design is also optimized for productivity, fully utilizing the shape and range of movement of your fingers to allow the user to reach all keys on the keyboard with almost no movement of the hands. Now that every key is effectively on the 'home row', typing speed and accuracy is increased - even for combination keystrokes.

Kinesis Keyboard Advantage Pro Manual

For those who are familiar with the Kinesis Advantage, this latest version features the same overall shape and layout, but with new function row keys with Cherry ML switches with hard keycaps, vs.

Diamond wallpaper for macbook. Combined with the ability to remap keys to create a custom layout and custom macros, this keyboard has the ability to meet the demands of the most discriminating user. This keyboard is the ideal tool for any touch typist who seeks to improve their speed and accuracy while protecting their long term ability to continue to work on computers. It is especially popular with programmers, writers, transcriptionists and anyone who uses a keyboard intensively for hours every day.

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