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In this video Phil Cook of Simply Rhino looks at transportation rendering in Rhino for Mac and KeyShot for Mac. Using the example of a High Speed Train, Phil shows how photorealistic images can be created quickly and easily in KeyShot.

Mac An inverted screen like the one you see in the screen shot above, is not actually an anomaly, or the result of some sudden strange happenstance. What's more, chances are, this occurred because of what you did.

This is a basic or introductory level tutorial. Unlike a car, for example, the train is fairly slab-sided and does not have as many varying reflective surfaces to catch the light and describe the form and so careful consideration is needed when creating the illumination. A couple of illumination methods are examined along with using Light Objects in KeyShot. The video also describes making changes to library materials and storing these revised materials in a user generated folder. The rendered images are tweaked in Adobe Photoshop and Phil also describes this process including creating a composite image with an alpha channel and a simple layer mask technique giving the impression of motion. Read more about.

KeyShot - Video Tutorial. In this video we look at rendering out of Rhino for Mac with KeyShot. KeyShot is best known and highly regarded as being an intuitive photorealistic renderer that is a great solution for product design, furniture, packaging design, transportation and engineering – in fact anything that can be rendered in a studio. Rhino 6 (Mac and Windows) and Autodesk Inventor (Windows) is also now supported. Availability KeyShot 8 is now available for download and purchase at and through all certified resellers.

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Luxion has announced KeyShot 8, the next generation of its industry-leading real-time ray-tracing and global illumination software program for 3D rendering and animation. KeyShot 8 Big new features in KeyShot 8 include displacement mapping, materials with bubbles and embedded flakes, new volumetric materials including volume caustics, liquids, interactive cutaways on rendered models, and interactive color and intensity curve adjustments, among other finer details. These new features advanced to a level that eliminates the need of users to use additional software programs to create such advanced rendered details and effects and provide more powerful modeling and visualization capabilities. Here are highlight items of note: • Image Styles — a totally new feature that allows users to make photographic adjustments to KeyShot scenes in real time prior to and after rendering.

The image styles can themselves be saved to be reused in KeyShot Studios. Photograph options include things like Tone-Mapping, Curve Control, Color Adjustment, Background color override and the ability to apply a Frontplate.

• Cutaway — a new approach to creating sectional cutaways is to use geometry primitives. The remaining removed geometry can then have applied custom materials for a special sectional contrast look and particular objects can also be omitted from the effect of the cutaway • Scattering Media — KeyShot 8 now supports the ability to simulate particles scattering and volumetrics such as smoke and fog. Used in combination with physical light, rays, and beams of light can be now visualized.

Users will have the option to apply a Density Texture and there is full support for OpenVDB files applied to the Density Texture as a Volume Map. • Geometry Nodes — KeyShot 8 offers an entirely new way of working with geometry, via three new types of geometry nodes (shaders) to modify the geometry of an object with displacement, bubbles or flakes.

This all works through the Material Graph, the advanced material editor in KeyShot. • KeyShot Viewer — KeyShot Viewer is a new, feature-rich app to compliment design reviews, make presentations more interactive, and generally improve collaboration. Users can open, view, interact with a KeyShot scene in real-time using mouse, touch, pen, or stylus to explore the scene or change materials and lighting. There is also an all-new Migration Assistance to migrate custom resources from KeyShot 7. KeyShot Cloud is now fully integrated into the KeyShot 8 user interface with no login required to browse resources. 01 – The new Cutaway feature shown in this image from DEVELOP 3D LIVE in Boston last week at the KeyShot booth.

Keyshot Rhino Download For Mac

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The capabilities with this new tool were impressive. A new Spotlight material type offers advanced light control with gobo (stencil) support. Systematix media, apple premium reseller, applecare protection. Liquid interfaces now eliminate the need to separate liquid geometry into different surfaces, and there is RGB hex color codes support. Another nifty improvement is that Alpha transparency is now supported in screenshots. On the interoperability front, KeyShot 8 has a new option for glTF/GLB export for allowing sharing of interactive scenes to platforms like Facebook or to PowerPoint. 6 (Mac and Windows) and Autodesk Inventor (Windows) is also now supported.

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