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Music superstar and chef, Kelis Rogers, is about to drop her new album 'Food' and it's time to celebrate by hosting a dinner party for her inner circle. Kelis starts the day with her publicist to discuss the marketing strategy for the new album, and on her way home she swings by the local spice shop to grab some fresh, exotic spices for dinner. They brought their own dinner spread, which consisted of hummus, air-fried and curried tuna cutlet balls, and Russian chicken salad, a creamy mixture of chicken breast, cucumber, eggs, onion, and potatoes. Holiday Feast with Kelis Music superstar and chef, Kelis Rogers, kicks off the holiday season with a festive dinner party packed with family recipes, fresh meats, vegetables and exotic spices from her favorite L.A.

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Eric Vitale Daily Meal staffers spotted fanciful meals, as well as takeout. Those who didn’t want to lug their own chow had the option of purchasing a catered picnic basket. Best photo color app for mac. This year, Gotham-based Michelin-starred chef Marc Forgione curated four themed dinners: a New York basket with pastrami prime rib, pickles, homemade potato chips, and black and white cookies; a summery basket with chili lobster,,, and key lime pie; an all-white basket that included chicken blanquette, cavatelli mac and cheese, onion soubise, and coconut rice pudding; and a vegetarian option with curries, salads, and spreads, which were inspired by the foods Forgione and his wife Kristen ate on their honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Organizers estimated that 1,000 baskets were made, and all of them sold out.

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