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Endpoint Protection for Mac 2.3 Endpoint Protection for Mac 2.2 Endpoint Protection for Mac 2.1 Endpoint Security for Mac Firewall 10.x Endpoint Security for Mac Threat Prevention 10.x Endpoint Security for Mac Web Control 10.x Getting Started Install/Uninstall VirusScan for Mac 9.8 VirusScan for Mac 9.7 VirusScan for Mac 9.6. Applies to Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Mac It is necessary to update antivirus databases regularly to maintain a decent level of computer security. Antivirus databases contain descriptions of threats and disinfection methods. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mac protects computers running under Mac OS X against malicious software. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mac (Kaspersky Endpoint Security) Administrator's Guide is intended for technical specialists who install and administer Kaspersky Endpoint Security, as well as for those who provide technical support to organizations that use.

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Remove Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mac • Right-click the managed computer and in the context menu select All Tasks ->Max payne 3 for mac. Create a Task. • In the Kaspersky Security Center 10 Administration Server node, click Advanced -> Remote uninstallation. • Click Uninstall the application supported by Kaspersky Security Center. Reformat wd hard drive for pc. • Choose Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mac from the list. • Keep the default settings and click Finish.


• Run the task and wait for its completion. Install the Network Agent version • In the context menu of the managed computer, click All tasks -> Install application. • Select or create the installation package for the Network Agent version

• Keep the default settings and click Finish. • Run the task and wait for its completion. • Check the information about the client. The upgrade is successful if: • The Network Agent version is • The connection is established 3. Install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mac the correct version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mac.

Uninstallation tool is included to the Kaspersky Security for Mac distributive. In order to uninstall Kaspersky Security for Mac using the uninstallation tool, perform the following actions: • Download the for Kaspersky Security for Mac. • Double-click the downloaded archive. • Double-click Uninstall Kaspersky Security.

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OR • Open the file Kaspersky Security with the extension *.dmg. • Or double-click the distributive volume, which was created after unpacking the file with the extension *.dmg. • In the Kaspersky Security window double-click Kaspersky Security Uninstaller • On Introduction step Kaspersky Security Uninstaller will notify you, that after you proceed with the uninstallation process, all the protection components will be disabled and all the files in the quarantine and the backup will be deleted.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

In order to continue click the Uninstall button. • To start the uninstallation process enter your password and click the OK button.

• Wait until the process is complete. Fila-crack kit marble. If the application is uninstalled successfully, then in the left part of the window the Conclusion item will be selected. It informs you that the uninstallation is completed. To close the uninstallation tool click the Finish button.

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