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Feb 23, 2011  Holdan Limited - Grass Valley ADVCmini High-quality Analogue to Digital Video Converter for Mac It seems to do all I want in that the EU version has a SCART socket which can be configured to RGB in. This would seem to match the Sky box s TV SCART RGB out. Lenovo r500 drivers win 10. ADVCmini — Installation Guide Support Customer Support For questions regarding hardware setup and usage, please contact your local Grass Valley office, distributor.

Hello, I recently received an ADVC mini converter, but it doesn't quite work as it should. The main problem is that there are all kinds of horizontal bars in the (recorded) file, especially when someone moves a hand or so.

The moment the image is still, there's no problem in it, but the moment something moves, the movement is followed by a trail of 'stripes'. It happens all the time, I once had it running without the bars, but it doesn't work anymore (even with the same configuration, both hardware and software).

Is this a problem in some settings I have, or is this a hardware problem? (so should I return the ADVC mini converter). I hope someone can help me out, since I'm very concerned with this failure! Thanks in advance! Unfortunately, I don't have a decoder for 'icod' (Apple intermediate codec) so I can't view the files.

Reports stats for the files. It is odd that the second video has a PAL frame size (720x576) but an NTSC frame rate (29.97 fps). So the AVCDmini software natively produces icod video in a MOV container?

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I would have expected DV in a MOV container (that's what all the other ADVC products produce). If Herve is right and there is nothing wrong with the interlacing you should be able make an interlaced DVD.

Smart pss manual for mac The DVD player and TV should handle it properly (many commercial DVDs are interlaced). Hi keyboardboy How did you get on?

Is the ADVCmini working well now? I have been struggling trying to export from my Sky+ HD box (the HD is not important; I’d just like to get something reasonable across to my iMac). Firstly I tried using my Canon MV600i camcorder as it has an analog to digital converter.

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I got a switchable SCART to S-video cable (the Canon only has S-video in), connected it to the Sky SCART VCR/DVD socket and the camcorder S-video with the cable’s twin phono audio joined with a Y connector and inserted in the camcorder’s audio/AV input. Then I connected a 4 pin to 9 pin Firewire cable - 4 pin to the camcorder, 9 pin to my iMac. Everything worked well and I could see, control and record the saved video across to EXCEPT it was in good quality monochrome both on the camcorder’s LCD and the iMac iMovie!

I also noted that the audio appeared to be triggering illumination on only one of iMovie’s two audio ‘bars.’ I repeated this with the Sky box TV SCART with the same monochrome issue. Some further reading on the web suggested that there was always going to be cabling/pin incompatibility between SCART RGB and S-video which would always cause the colour signal to be ‘lost.’ Not sure what the audio issue was?

One website showed how 2 of the SCART pins (15 & 20?) could be shorted to resolve the issue but it admitted that this adversely affected the video quality so I closed that window. Anyway I then tried with an S-video to S-video cable, this time using the Sky box’s S-video socket. There is no reference to this in the Sky box manual apart from in the spec and I assume it is alway available should a plug be present but again the result was monochrome on the camcorder’s LCD (I didn’t bother with the iMac connections as a result). So further web trawling. I did come across an Elgato product but skipped for some reason I can’t recall. I did however eventually stumble across the Grass Valley ADVCmini.

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