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Scroll to the bottom of the list and you will see 'Vertical Sync.' /pny-gts-250-driver-for-mac/. If you do not see the option to disable VSYNC in your particular game settings, you can force VSYNC off globally in the NVIDIA control panel. To do this, open your NVIDIA control panel and click on 'Manage 3D Settings'. Click on it and choose 'Force Off.' In the center you will see the various 3D settings.

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For a low-cost alternative to Apple's Magic Keyboard, you'll be happy with Anker's universal Bluetooth keyboard. It uses the Magic Keyboard's scissor mechanism keys, so your typing experience will be very familiar. It doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles, but for the price, it's the perfect alternative. There are lots of on the market. These are specifically for those of you that like the Magic Keyboard's design, but are looking for something slightly different. My personal favorite is the. I love being able to quickly switch between my Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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Find the best free programs like Jitsi for Mac. More than 20 alternatives to choose: Skype, Telegram, Trillian and more. Explore Nicholas Kaczmarek's board 'Rims' on Pinterest. See more ideas about Wheels and tires, Car wheels and Hs sports.

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We're having huge issues with Java Web Start in production. We're afraid to release because every time we do, help desk gets calls from 1/3 users getting an 'unable to launch' error. It's hard to tell whether it's because of user error, cancellation in the middle of download, poor network connection or anything. But the bottom line is: We find it terribly unreliable. What are the alternatives for deploying and updating a rich Swing application? Either free or commercial, I'm more interested in features and robustness.

Reliability is key, but I would also like to have the following: • Install once, update automatically from a simple HTTP hosting like JWS • Differential updates • Support for multiple configurations (think of 30 instances which may have different versions of the application or different launch parameters - would be nice not to build 30 artifacts each time) • Win / Mac / Linux support. Asus a450lc drivers for mac. Hopefully one that does not mean I have to maintain 3 builds for each instance. I feel your pain, the biggest issue I've had with JWS is visibility, that is, what is it doing and why is it doing it. Most of our issues were related to internal proxies (Java seems to really not like authenticating proxies) and the wrinkles seem to be ironed out for the moment. Nevertheless, I did consider simply writing a replacement. This is not as crazy as it sounds, JWS does an awful lot of stuff that I don't really care about, namely, integrating with the web browser and checking JVM versions. Consider the following scenario: • You launch a Java application (the launch app).

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