Jamk Thesis Assessment


Keygen. JAMK-theses-evaluation-tool Simple PHP -tool to enhance/help the evaluation of Bachelor's Theses / Master's Theses @. There are a few hard directs @ so please reconfigure them to direct at your home folder. Clean up software for mac.

Jamk Thesis Self Assessment

Jamk Thesis Assessment

Didn't go through them all. Src -folder Includes all the source code of the project. Index.html Just redirects to the first.php file amk_criteria.php Simple PHP Array including the evaluation sentences found at & yamk_criteria.php Simple PHP Array including the evaluation sentences found at & feedback_generator.php A bit ill named as it is directed @ YAMK -degrees (Master's Theses) feedback_generator_amk.php This is directed @ AMK -degrees (Bachelor's Theses) *.png Just additional graphical stuff.

Jamk Thesis Assessment

Thesis process. Preparatory Studies Introduction to Thesis Work Topic Idea Development Planning Implementation and Reporting Presentation, Submitting and Assessment Uses Preparatory studies. During studies preceding the thesis students will become conversant with the principles of research and development activity linked to. Kentland 33. The app is for my nursing thesis, as will be based around education for parents. Common therapies, interventions, contact details for help.

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