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In the seventies the creative talents of Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin gave us a multitude of childrens classics, my favorites change from day to day but Ivor the Engine is one of the best. These are the coloured versions (originally made in black and white Postgate and Firmin went back to their original prints and colourised them after the widespread introduction of colour t.v's in the 70's) and are just as valid as the original, if not more so as more people saw them the second time round. Ivor the little welsh train, no speaking, but communicating through his funnel with various tones. His train driver and friend Mr Jones and the assorted charectors from the village including the tiny fire breathing dragon that lived in Ivors engine. These are timeless and should be watched again and again. A dark winter evening, Mum cooking the dinner and me curled up on the couch watching 'Ivor the Engine'. I am writing this and actually have a lump in my throat because childhood then was so sweet and uncomplicated.

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Ivor The Engine Driver

Ivor the engine dragon

Oliver Postgate's programmes are like a background to my childhood and there will never be anything in the future to compare with them. My generation had the best kid's TV.

The best version of 'A Quick One While He's Away', the first rock opera song ever written and recorded. Originally from the album 'A Quick One' (1966), this is a rerecorded version from the epic. Review And Xerox Phaser 6500/N Drivers Download — Regardless of a minimal impression, the 6500N's standard paper plate amplifies marginally from the back when stacked with A4 paper. 'Ivor the Engine' is a British stop motion animated television series created by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin's Smallfilms company. It follows the adventures of a small green steam locomotive who lived in the 'top left-hand corner of Wales' and worked for The Merioneth and Llantisilly Railway Traction Company Limited.

The Engine Drivers Manual

Ivor The Engine Drivers For Macbook Pro

You only have to look around at the revival of popularity for 'Rainbow', 'Bagpuss', 'Clangers' etc. To know that these shows were special.

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