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Your geolocation is exposed to the public when you use a real IP address provided by your ISP. Any website you visit can locate you through your IP address. With cookies, javascripts and browser sessions, any website you visit can also gather personal and private data about you. A offers a connectivity to another network and hides your real IP address by granting you a new IP address from a VPN provider. When connected through VPN network, the data your computer transmits are encrypted and transmitted through a secure private channel providing you a security and privacy. A personal VPN also allows you to easily switch between virtual locations by selecting an IP address of a server located anywhere in the world. IP Address is a unique address assigned to a computing devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones to communicate with other devices within the Internet.

VPN: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and is the intermediary between your Internet connection and the sites that you wish to visit. With a VPN, you get to use remote servers that are spread out across the world to tunnel your internet connection through (exactly like in the movies when trying to trace hackers); as a result, you can change your IP country address and choose a brand new one. Aug 15, 2017  Cargo VPN is an essential privacy tool for the websites you visit, your IP address, geolocation, personal communications. With Cargo VPN for Mac and its built-in DNS Firewall you don't have to worry about malware, logs, and other potential threats. While your real IP address will still be used to connect to said VPN, all other traffic will be tunnelled through your private network and as such this external traffic will only connect to your second, virtual IP address.

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HideMe VPN lets you unlock web contents, hide real IP address and protect your personal information with bank grade encryption. We are the first team building VPN solution on Mac with the latest Network Extension technology from Apple. When choosing a VPN for getting a USA IP address, you should get a choice of servers. In addition, those USA IP servers should be lightning fast (to stream HD content). To be secure as you spoof your location to within the US, your VPN should provide military grade encryption protocols.

Free Vpn Proxy For Mac

No device can connect to the Internet without a public IP address, and a public IP address is assigned to you by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are subscribing from. There are two versions of IP in use today, IPv4 (32-bit) and IPv6 (128-bit). There are two types of IP addresses: public and private.

To use the Internet, you'll need a public IP address. To connect to a local area network such as your home or work network, a private IP address is suffice.

To learn more about IP Addresses, you may refer and articles.

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