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Jeffrey Smith is the sole employee of the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), located at his home in Fairfield, Iowa. Buy newest cac reader for macbook. This institute provides funding for much of the anti-biotechnology movement, such as, for example, GMO Free Connecticut and other similar state groups. Scanplus 1800 sr driver for mac.

Smith (born 1956) is a self-published American author, independent film producer, professional dance instructor and former politician known for his work in transcendental meditation and yogic flying, Lindy Hop swing dance and activism in opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Smith ran for the U.S.

Congress as a candidate for the Natural Law Party (United_States), has authored several self-published books, DVDs and a movie on the dangers of genetic engineering, serves on the Genetic Engineering Committee of the, and is a frequent conference speaker at advocacy, alternative health, organic and natural products conferences and his work is promoted on such nationally syndicated television programs as The Dr. Smith claims to have a background in communications and marketing, has served as an occasional contributor to his local newspaper and attended school at the in Fairfield, Iowa where he resides.

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Institute for responsible technology non-gmo shopping guide

Institute For Responsible Technology Non-gmo Shopping Guide

Career There are few published details on Smith’s professional life prior to his joining with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi movement and affiliated Natural Law Party in 1992 which preceded his campaigns against GMOs starting in 1999. He told Reuters in that he grew up in New York. Other than his time as a professional swing dance instructor, Jeffrey Smith has been a political activist, marketing and business development director and issues activist/author oriented around ventures linked to the multi-billion dollar Maharishi Institute religion and has no other reported science education background or other credentials. He is the listed “president” of Inspirations, Inc of Fairfield, IA – a jewelry store reporting annual income of $93,000. Education • B.A.

Fluke 345 software. (reported, not verified) SUNY Binghamton, 1981 • Maharishi Institute, Purusha Program, 1986 (Note: Smith claims he received an MBA from the MUM; however, yearbooks reveal he was a Purusha program participant – which was a separate program from the Maharishi University of Management and did not convey an MBA degree to participants. According to MUM, the “Maharishi founded the Maharishi Purusha Program(sm) in 1981 for single men practicing the TM® and TM-Sidhi® program who wish to dedicate themselves fully to the most rapid pace of evolution possible. The daily routine of the Purusha (sm) program includes extended group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program, knowledge meetings, personal time and activity dedicated to enlivening the Silent Administration of Natural Law throughout the world.” The Purusha one year program for “celibate men” (characterized by some as “TM Monks”) does not offer an accredited MBA degree. Natural Law Party political activism Jeffrey Smith, listing his occupation as “teacher” was a frequent donor to the starting with its founding in 1992. Smith campaigned in 1996 for the Maharishi Mahesh’s Natural Law Party platform promoting transcendental meditation and yogic flying, taught and practiced at the Maharishi Institute, as a foundation for achieving world peace in politics.

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At campaign events in Illinois on behalf of Natural Law Party senate candidate Jim Davis, Smith provided demonstrations of yogic flying claiming the acts would “reduce crime and other ills.” Smith claimed. To have done yogic flying demonstrations at the U.S.

Capitol, World Bank and United Nations as part of his campaign efforts in support of Natural Law Party candidates and promoting the adoption of teaching transcendental meditation in public schools. At campaign events Smith presented charts he claimed showed mass meditation and yogic flying lowered the crime rate in Washington, D.C., by 21 percent in a demonstration project. Running on a platform promoting transcendental meditation and yogic flying in 1998, Smith was the Natural Law Party candidate for U.S. Congress in Iowa’s First District. Smith received 8 percent of the vote, losing to Republican Jim Leach. Other Natural Law Party proposed platform policies promoted by Smith’s campaign included the widespread adoption of organic agriculture, an 18 percent flat-tax, and creating “macro-economic stability through increased social coherence” by having tens of thousands of practitioners of transcendental meditation that would reduce unemployment, decrease inflation and improve other economic factors.

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