Installation Problem Of Idl 8.4 Envi 5.2 For Mac


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Choose to use the License Wizard (also accessible anytime from Start > All Programs > ENVI 5.2 > Tools > License Wizard), select ^Install a license you have received, click Next. Click ^Browse to import license file _, navigate to where you have saved the two downloaded license. The commands listed here may require root or sudo privileges. An X-Windows manager is required for Macintosh. ENVI was tested on Mac OS X using XQuartz 2.7.11. In IDL 8.6 the IDL license was tied to the MAC address + install location + process ID, so each process ID would consume a separate license. In IDL 8.6.1, the IDL license will be tied to the MAC address + install location + user id, so multiple process ID’s will consume just a single IDL license.

Restricted Rights Notice The IDL®, IDL Advanced Math and Stats™, ENVI®, and ENVI Zoom™ software programs and the accompanying procedures, functions, and documentation described herein are sold under license agreement.

Idl 8.4 Mac

Overview IDL (Interactive Data Language) is a product from (ITTvis). IDL enables in-depth data analysis through industry-leading visualization. This easy-to-learn, cross-platform, application development software is relied on by analysts and engineers around the globe. IDL's interactive, high-level language can help you make discoveries and display your solution.

IDL at LLNL includes four licenses for the (AMS) package, two on the OCF and two on the SCF networks. Note that IDL for Mac OS X does not support AMS or ISML. Environment Machines and Versions See LC page. Location / usr/local/tools/idl.

Links to the latest version exist in /usr/local/bin. Settings To setup your PATH and any other needed environment variables, type use idl. Coyote and Catalyst Libs When you run idl or idlde on LC machines, you will also get the Coyote and Catalyst libraries added to your IDL_PATH. See for details. Usage IDL for UNIX can be used with one of two different interfaces. Starting IDL with the idl command begins a traditional IDL session using a simple text command line interface.

If you are running the X window system, IDL can also be started with the idlde command, which invokes a convenient multiple-document interface called the IDL Development Environment. To use the (AMS) routines that are available with IDL Analyst, start up IDL in the manner shown above. How to enable ssl on zend server for mac.

Calling one of the IDL AMS routines will cause an IDL Analyst license to be checked out to you until you quit IDL. LC has 2 licenses for AMS on the OCF and two on the SCF. Play nice with licenses! 1) Please do not hold onto IDL licenses overnight ('hoarding') unless you are actually using them -- hoarding licenses creates artificial scarcity and encourages further hoarding by others. It's a vicious circle.

Installation Problem Of Idl 8.4 Envi 5.2 For Mac

2) If you are using multiple licenses, and we run out of licenses, please consider releasing one or two so that we are not out any more. How to get 'extra' 'free' licenses: An important quirk of IDL licensing is that IDL checks out only one license (six tokens) per node/DISPLAY, no matter how many instances of IDL you run on that node. This can be confirmed easily by running them by hand and checking the license server records. So if you get 16 CPUs on one node, each with 4 cores, you might be able to make good use of as many as 64 copies of IDL using only a single license! Mac Please ask for more details.

Older Versions: Older versions are available using dotkit. To run an older version, type use idl -version where version is the version number with no spaces or periods (e.g. 82 for version 8.2).

Installation Problem Of Idl 8.4 Envi 5.2 For Mac

See the for a list of the versions available on the machines. Another way to check is to use dotkit's tab completion feature: type use and hit the tab key twice quickly and wait for dotkit to show you the versions. Once you issue the 'use' command, your PATH will be set to get the version you specify.

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