Instagram Dm For Mac


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  1. Instagram Dm For Macbook

Who hates how tedious it is to DM people through your phone?. My girl, Alison Klotz, told me about how quick and easy it is to get it on my computer. Shes a Mac, I'm a PC gal so I thought I'd put together a super quick demo on how you can start chatting with peeps faster too!.

Instagram Dm For Mac

For these users, here’s how to Instagram DM online: How to Instagram DM Online From Mac (and other desktops): If you want to send Instagram DMs online with a Mac (or other desktops), you’re going to have to use a 3rd-party tool like TagScout.

Instagram Dm For Macbook

**Note- it is not available as an app on your Mac, however, you can go to and access your account that way to engage with other people though it won't have the same functions as the PC app. Find me @afitlifewithhannah on the socials. Garmin download for mac.

Originally Answered: How can I use an Instagram DM on my PC? If you’re using a WIndows computer, you can simply download the official Instagram app from the Windows store and use DMs that way. If you’re using a non-windows computer, you’re going to have to use 3rd party tool like TagScout or IG;DM. Flume is a beautiful Instagram app and extension for your Mac and browser.

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