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Charming, eerie, and meaningful — these indie games shine on your Mac. When it comes to personal computers, the Mac has never been known as a gaming heavyweight: Apple doesn’t focus on building machines that have the hard-core processing and graphics power you might find in, say, a Razor PC laptop. That said, there are still a number of excellent games available to play on your Mac — especially of the indie variety. Two-person development teams and small studios shine on Apple’s laptops and desktops, building stories with smart twists and heart-wrenching endings. There have been many great indie titles for Mac over the years, especially with the advent of the Steam Store, but here are our all-time favorites. Braid I’m not generally the type to get overly invested in a game — I’m more of a book and movie person.

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Top Indie Games For Mac

But when I picked up Braid in 2009 after an off-hand recommendation from a friend, I found myself completely captivated by its mechanics and story. On its face, Braid is a simple puzzle platformer: You play a man named Tim searching for a princess across the landscape of a strange world, encountering puzzles as you progress through each level. Quickbooks for mac download. But the true delight of the game is in its controls: Not only can you run forward, jump, and the like — but you can rewind time at any moment, reversing your decisions and movements. It’s a simple but beautiful mechanic and quickly becomes one of the primary ways you can solve the hardest puzzles; all the while, it makes you think about time and movement in a completely different way. Years after its release, Braid is still considered a masterpiece — and it’s not hard to see why. (If you can’t — just rewind.) Firewatch We’ve said a lot about the magic of Firewatch on iMore over the last year, but the Campo Santo/Panic collaboration continues to merit praise.

Important information. IndieGamesDownload provides you a great catalog of indie games for all actual platforms. Only chosen indie titles developed with passion! Discover the best Mac games 2018 has delivered so far. This in-depth guide covers all the top games already out, the best free mac games of 2018 and the most anticipated games expected soon.

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The 3D mystery and exploration game, which places you as a firewatch in a national park around the late 1980s, captures the essential beauty of being alone in the U.S. Wilderness — and the eerieness factor, too. The voice acting here is also top-tier; this is a game that demands headphones and a wistful spirit. Gone Home Another entry in the first-person mystery genre, Gone Home puts you in the shoes of a student recently returned from a lengthy overseas trip to her family house, only to find it empty — with her younger sister apparently vanished.

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