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This article includes a, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient. Please help to this article by more precise citations. (November 2009) () Apple Advanced Typography, Website Apple Advanced Typography ( AAT) is.' S computer software for advanced rendering, supporting and complex features for, a successor to Apple's little-used font technology of the mid-1990s.

It is a set of extensions to the outline font standard, with smartfont features similar to the font format that was developed by Adobe and Microsoft, and the open source. It also incorporates concepts from Adobe's ' font format, allowing for axes of traits to be defined and morphing of a glyph independently along each of these axes. AAT font features do not alter the underlying typed text; they only affect the characters' representation during glyph conversion. Example of the extra glyphs and ligatures available in the typeface Significant features of AAT currently include: • Several degrees of control • justification and joiners • Cross-stream (required for, for example) • Indic vowel rearrangement • Independently controllable substitution of: • • and • variants • Alternative glyphs: • Individual alternatives on a per-glyph basis • Wholesale alternatives, such as engraved text • Anything else the font designer wants to add • Glyph variation axes AAT font features are supported on and above and all versions of macOS.

The cross-platform library provides basic AAT support for left-to-right scripts. As of and, AAT supports language-specific shaping—that is, changing how glyphs are processed depending on the human language they are being used to represent.

This support is available through the use of language tags in. Provision was added at the same time for the relative positioning of two glyphs via anchor points via the ‘kerx’ and ‘ankr’ tables. AAT and OpenType in macOS [ ] As of, partial support for OpenType is available. As of 2011, support is limited to Western and Arabic scripts. If a font has AAT tables, they will be used for typography.

If the font does not have AAT tables but does have OpenType tables, they will be used to the extent that the system supports them. This means that many OpenType fonts for Western or Middle Eastern scripts can be used without modification on Mac OS X 10.5, but South Asian scripts such as and cannot. These require AAT tables for proper layout. AAT Layout [ ]. This section does not any.

Unsourced material may be challenged. (November 2009) () AAT first requires the text to be turned entirely into glyphs before text layout occurs.

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Indic Font For Mac

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Operations on the text take place entirely within the glyph layer. The core table used in the AAT layout process is the 'morx' table. This table is divided into a series of chains, each further divided into subtables. The chains and subtables are processed in order. When each subtable is encountered, the layout engine compares flags in the subtable against control flags, generally derived from user settings. This determines whether or not the subtable is processed. The set of available features in the font is made accessible to the user via the 'feat' table.


This table provides pointers to the localizable strings that can be used to describe a feature to the end user and the appropriate flags to send to the text engine if the feature is selected. Features can be made invisible to the user by the simple expedient of not including entries in the 'feat' table for them. Apple uses this approach, for example, to support required ligatures. Subtables may perform non-contextual glyph substitutions, contextual glyph substitutions, glyph rearrangements, glyph insertions, and ligature formation. Contextual actions are sensitive to the surrounding text. They can be used, for example, to automatically turn an s into a anywhere in a word except at its end.

Indic Font For Mac

The 'morx' subtables for non-contextual glyph substitutions are simple mapping tables between the glyph substituted and its substitute. The others all involve the use of. For the purposes of processing the finite state machine, glyphs are organized into classes. A class may be small, containing only a single glyph (for something like ligature formation), or it may include dozens glyphs or even more. A special class is automatically defined for any glyph not included in any of the explicit classes. Special classes are also available for the end of the glyph stream and glyphs deleted from the glyph stream. Beginning with a start-of-text state, the layout engine parses the text, glyph by glyph.

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