Immersive Patrols Skyrim Download For Mac


Credits and distribution permission • Other user's assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors. File credits for the horse textures from. For additional edits to 's horse textures. For the faster horse dismount animation from. For the horse kick concept from.

It doesn't help that they also appear to be fairly soft as well. Transcend

Immersive Patrols Skyrim Download For Mac

For the horse behavioural changes from. For the fast dismount concept from. For the sound used under the licence. For the whistle sound used under the licence. For providing.

For providing more functionality to mod Skyrim with. The team for providing the MCM framework and SkyUILib. The Nexus for hosting the mod and supporting the community.

Download skyrim immersive armors mod

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The Nexus community for testing the mod and suggesting interesting ideas. Bethesda Game Studios for creating Skyrim.

Skyrim Legendary Edition on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit NMM 0.65.2 SKSE 1.07.03 (using 512MB patch) Natural Lighting and Atmospherics 2.0 for ENBSeries v0.319 1st Person Candlelight Fix A Closer Look A. Adds immersive patrols of all factions across the map at regularly timed intervals. Both a standard and aggressive version are available. This comment has been minimized.

• Horse manes no longer clip with armor items that cover their necks (requires CHB update). Fixed horse combat AI so unaggressive horses will now correctly flee from combat once they've been hit. Fixed Last Horse Always Fast Travels option (removed erroneous call to SetPlayersLastRiddenHorse).

Fixed default saddles not appearing on Arvak Rewritten and Blaze and other temporary or summoned horses. Migrated to a new way to filter horse armors based on races tied to ArmorAddons. Keywords still work too. Horses now appear closer behind the player when whistled for but they will also pop-in more often. Horses with blank names are now named??? When they load so they can be activated by the player. Fixed version number in IHOConfigMenuScript for proper reporting to SkyUI (version now stored in the ESP).

Immersive Patrols Skyrim Special Edition

The FOMOD installation script was revised and the vanilla ESP was separated into a patch for the main ESP. • Version 2.3. • Separated the MCM into two pages: Options, Hotkeys. Converted the MCM script to use the new MCM state pattern.

Immersive Armors Skyrim Special Edition

Added localization to all UI strings for translation support. Improved the navigation logic in the horse sub-menus. Added the ArmorCuirass keyword to the three vanilla saddles so they can be enchanted. Best coding software for mac. Fixed bug where adopted horses were not deleted from the game when they unload after being abandoned. Fixed bug where player could equip any number of armor items made for horses. Simplified the script that prevents horses from equipping armor items not made for horses. Removed HorseArmorKeywords and related code because the ArmorHorse keyword is sufficient.

Fixed bug where harnessed horses did not get the proper SpeedMult reduction (for Touring Carriages). Fixed bug where 'LastRiddenHorse' was not set correctly while the player is mounted (for Horse Stamina Widget). Fixed bug where it was possible to spawn multiple horses from one adoption by spamming the horse ownership power. Fixed inventory access bug for temporary horses so now Blaze's inventory is accessible via hotkey (again).

Fixed bug where using hotkeys with a temporary horse would work, but showed the 'I have no horse' message. Fixed incorrect speed on horses in the opening scene at Helgen (again). Replaced calls to SetFactionRank with custom ResetFactionRank to avoid weird bugs. Friendly horses will no longer spot the player while sneaking (Actor.SetNotShowOnStealthMeter). Player will now blow the horn in third person when calling either active horses or all horses.

Eset nod32 antivirus 4 for mac. Removed the DebugHorses option as it was not entirely useful. Cleaned up the scripts and removed unnecessary logging. Extended the installation section in the README and added testing steps. • Version 2.0. • Upgrading: After upgrade, go into the MCM and remove and re-add the horse powers to gain the new Horse Ownership power. Upgrading: Removed the deprecated HorseList array, so upgrading from version 1.5 or older requires reclaiming all horses. Brother printer drivers for mac. Added a lesser power that can be used to give a horse to a follower, adopt a temporary horse, or change horse ownership.

The three horse powers can now be cast while mounted on a horse due to the PowerInstantRecovery keyword. Added an MCM toggle to automatically trigger the herd wait command when you dismount your horse. Added Blackreach, Soul Cairn, Forgotten Vale, Dayspring Canyon to the RidableWorldSpaces in the INI. Horses with Actor Value WaitingForPlayer = -1 are now ignored by the horse ownership scripts for inter-mod compatibility. Moved the notification messages to the INI file so they can be customized. Bugfix: Added all vanilla and DLC worldspaces to the RidableWorldSpaces in the INI in case DLCs are missing. Bugfix: Horses now only equip saddles (saddle slot 45) or items with keywords listed in HorseArmorKeywords in the INI.

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