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You missed it! But is waiting!

If Only Things Were Different Let me be Frank. No, seriously, for just one day, I want to be that guy. Everybody talks about what a cool guy Frank Stevens in Accounts Payable is. “Did you see what Frank was wearing today? Isn’t he handsome?” “Oh, man, Frank told the best joke at today’s meeting.” “Guess what? They just put Frank on my Employee Morale committee! Best day ever!” “Hey, did you see Frank saving all those old people from that nursing home fire on the news last night?

What a swell guy.” “Hey, everyone! Frank just found a multi-billion dollar deposit of copper and other assorted ores in Afghanistan! And he’s taking everyone out for drinks at Happy Hour! Hip-hip-hooray!” And he’s always got the best hair, the fanciest car, the hottest girlfriends, even the best gadgets in the office. Someone was telling me just the other day that he’s even got an iHome iConnect Media Keyboard with iPod Dock. Two of them, in fact!

I had just updated my Network Card on my Windows 7 partition and could not get my Network Card to connect to the Internet. /wlanng-driver-for-mac/. The Update downloaded fine and I was then asked to restart my MacBook Pro which I did and I had No Connection to the Internet. On my initial boot-in to my Windows 7 bootcamp on my MacBook Pro a message about available Apple Updates popped up and one was my Network card needed to be updated.

Discuss: Lifeworks iHome iConnect Media Keyboard Sign in to comment. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. IHome iConnect Multimedia 2-Port USB Hub Keyboard for Mac w/iPod Dock IH-K231MS See more like this SPONSORED New Listing iHome Compact Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for MAC in Silver.

You know, the kind with the ultra-thing design that syncs your iPods or iPhones without the need for an external dock? He can easily control his iWhatevers straight from the keyboard, too.

Ihome wireless keyboard setup

Yeah, and he’s got a black one for the PC he uses in his office and a white one for the Mac he has at home! Nikon d3300 ebay. I’d scoff at his exorbitant lifestyle if I wasn’t so jealous. Maybe I’m just living wrong.

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