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Ok I've installed leo following Gravedigger hint and it works (thanks ^^_ )-soundcard and lan works 'out of the box', wifi doesn't work but I have another priority now:the problem still remain the videocard, I haven't CI nor QE enabled so I can't switch resolution other than 1024x768.I've tried installing Natit for ATI, it seems that recognizes my video card (ATI Mobility Fire GL T2, 128MB) but all I got is a black screen and stucked pc.any ideas out there?many thanksciao!@tpmwrI have the Intel one. Nvidia quadro nvs 140m windows 7 64 bit drivers for mac. Finally I managed to install it without any problem. It's starting OK but in english.

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When I select my preferable language only first menu is in it. Second thing is the airport. I've got Atheros 50001 MiniPci card (168c), could someone make a step-by-step guide for installation? Yes, 10.5.1 only support English. If you want have a different Language, you must use a previous version of Leopard (I use German from ToH Leopard 10.5). Important is that it's Version fpr Leopard.

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You could used an original DVD, too. Is it possible for me to install them in the USB External HD? (if possible, how could i do that?) I've installed on a 2.5' external USB drive. Start your pc with external disk turned on, boot from dvd (I assume you have kalyway 10.5.1 dvd) At the beginning of installation (after the language selection) choose Utility Disk Utility You should find your external hd in the left panel of disk utility. Select it and format with native filesystem (I don't remember the name, guess it's HFS+) and MBR partition scheme.

You will find your usb disk in the targets for installation. Anyway I've disconnected my XP disk, first. After installation just select yr external disk as boot device and you're on.

Ibm T42 Drivers Windows 7

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