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I Hate Breakcore Madness

I decided to create myself, and for you guys of course, a top 10 list! The list will include some artists who produce some of my favorite tracks in the wonderful, beastly, wrecking, and soothing world of Breakcore.

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I didn't put a lot of thought into this list btw, because picking a favorite artist for anything is super hard, but I'll do my best! So here we go lets get it going.

I Hate Breakcore Music


Eas usb 2.0 digital audio capture card converter for mac. The content below will display the list 12. Autechre - This is one of artists that really isnt breakcore but had a huge impact on the IDM scene, and the IDM scene had a huge impact on the breakcore scene. They are both close in comparison but it's less intense. Here is a track that i liked Called 'Rae' 11. Μ-ziq - I herd a lot of his catolog and I like a decent amount to know that this dude knows how to chill. Some of his stuff is pretty relaxed and not too in your face.

This tracks called Hectors House 10. Line 47 - I havent bought anything from him to know all of what he has, i have heard some of his songs in mixes, and this guy is a smooth operator. Here is a track from him 9. Datach'i - Just discovered this and it is golden, I need to listen to more!

I am lovin the shit out of it right now. Here's a track called 'Rye Pierce Fence Watching' 8. Brother hl 2140 linux driver for mac. Arena - I have no idea who this is, I had a cd with him on it and is totally kicks my ass everytime. One of the more quality I have heard.

Check it out. This one's called 'Hectic' 7. Ove-NaXx - This producer hails from the land of japan in Osaka. I love me some japanese breakcore. Iduno what they put in their cerial every morning but i hope they keep it up.

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