I Am A Macbook User. Here's Some Tips For Mac


Hey, I use Apple Mail to manage my emails. It works great most of the time, however for the past half year I have ran into problems sending emails, even when other accounts would work. The problem, it turns out, is not with Mail but with Gmail, and the Google Account settings. This problem started once I turned off 2-step authentication, having it on caused some problems. This problem was further compounded by the fact that other Google email accounts would work perfectly. Google / Gmail Settings At this point I am going to assume that the smtp settings for Gmail are correct, if you don’t know what they are you can find. The first step is to open your and open ‘Sign In & Security’.

The first step is to ensure 2-step authentication is off. Turn this option off at the top of the page. Then delete any application specific passwords.

Okay, First of all Congratulations for your first Mac. Since you were a windows user, It will take a while to getting used to. But once you're familiar with it, you'll love it. Here a few tips that will help you. There is no My computer here. The Finder will be your new home. If you need to access any file, click on the Finder in the Dock. In this article, we have educated through the top 10 tips and tricks which a Mac user can use to speed up the Mac. There are many Mac Cleaners available in market which you can use to clean your Mac. Some of the Mac Cleaners are like—Disk Clean Pro, Dr. Cleaner and Cc Cleaner for Mac etc. Aug 14, 2014  OK, but Will it ever show de MacBook name when i click on more info at About my Mac? No, About This Mac will only show: And above that the OS X version, click that to see the build, click again to see the serial number. More Info will only show: Followed by the serial number and Software, i.e., the OS X version.

The Photos app and iCloud Photo Library give you a beautiful way to organize and view your photos on all your Apple devices. You can also share and edit your photos with powerful, intuitive tools. Plants vs. zombies free for mac. Use Photos on your Mac. Click the right corner of your Apple mouse, or click with two fingers on your Apple trackpad. You can change this in Mouse preferences and Trackpad preferences.

Ensure your original password is used in the smtp settings within Mail. Allow less secure apps will allow Mail to work. Now, restart Mail and you should find that you can send out emails again. To test the connection, you can always go to Window > Connection Doctor within Mail to see if it connects properly. If this does work and you can send emails, it is always worth turning these options back on as they are more secure. I managed to do this after a day. I turned 2 step authentication and less secure options back to the original settings and everything worked again.

If you're new to Mac you may not be using one of the important features which is User Accounts. So basically your Mac can be several Macs. Every user account is like a completely new computer with new settings, with new things on the desktop, new documents, everything. Broadcom ush cv w fingerprint swipe sensor drivers for mac. The user accounts are kept separate from each other.


How do you set up user accounts? Well, in the Apple menu go to System Preferences. From there you go to Users & Groups. In Users & Groups you're going to see users listed on the left with the current user at the top which is probably you. Then you'll see other users. Which could be anybody else.

Every individual that uses the Mac should have their own user account. It's not a matter of trust. It's a matter of having Settings and Preferences and Documents and things like that.

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If you and your spouse use the same Mac you're not going to use the same documents, you're not going to want to have things setup the same way and you're not going to use the same iCloud account or iTunes account or any of that. Having separate user accounts means you can switch easily between these. It's like you each have your own Mac. Homeopathic software download for mac. You each can have your own desktop background, different applications in the dock, everything. So how do you create a new user account? Well, once you're in here you have to click the padlock here and then authenticate.

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