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I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’ve installed Docker for Mac and have now problem with fast accessing hundreds of files in shared folders. I’m using docker for developing symfony2 applications and as far I was using docker-machine-nfs with machine created on virtualbox using docker-machine. When I wasn’t using nfs loading times per page was hitting around 10 seconds making this extremely slow to develop.

Using nfs fixed the issue, loading times were around 100-300ms like on local environment. Now on Docker for Mac I’m hitting around 20 seconds loading time for simple Hello World page. I know it’s because symfony’s architecture that in dev environment accesses hundreds and maybe even thousands of files per request. So I’m wondering is it my mistake somewhere or shared folders are expected to be extremely slow on Docker for Mac?

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Maybe there is some workaround? We are aware that file sharing is significantly slower than it needs to be to provide a native-like experience and we are approaching the volume mount performance issue from multiple angles. Beta 8 will include improvements to sequential read and write throughput and possibly other aspects of file sharing. We hope to have major performance improvements in the coming beta releases. Watch the changelog for news!

If you would like to help out our performance engineering efforts, we’d really appreciate an easily reproducible and representative macro benchmark for your use case. Is there a specific use case that you’d like us to attempt to optimize? You mentioned symfony2 development; could you provide a Dockerfile or script so that we can add it to our collection of performance benchmarks?

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One of the more controversial topics right now in the Docker community is the issue surrounding file system performance in the Docker for Mac application. For a very long time users have been forced to use workarounds to speed up performance when dealing with slow read and write times. However, if use Hamachi to access the file shares from another country, I have to wait 2 or 3 minutes for the folders to show up. Then when the folders do show up and I open another folder, I have to wait again for those folders to show up. Same here, I installed Docker Beta for Mac hoping for much better file share performance (Symfony being unusable with vboxfs file sharing), but it is still slow unfortunately (compared to NFS with Virtualbox, which is slow but usable). The key here is to understand this solution creates NFS (Network File System) drives as the means of communication from the Docker Containers to your Mac instead of the standard OSX File System which is very slow currently either due to bugs or the way it works*. The whole Docker ecosystem exists today because of every single developer who found ways of using Docker to improve how they build software; whether streamlining production deployments, speeding up continuous integration systems or standing up an application on your laptop to hack on.

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So thankful for mac. Thanks for your answer! I have created a simple repository with a simple Symfony install. It allows you to: • Build an image with the necessary PHP configuration for Symfony (install Composer, etc.) • An entry point that installs the PHP dependencies for Symfony (aka. Composer install) You can have a look there:.

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Follow these steps: • git clone • docker build -t sf-test. • docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -v `pwd`:/var/www/symfony_project --name symfony_docker_test sf-test: this will be extremely slow the first time as it installs Symfony dependencies with Composer (and you will already notice that it is much too slow compared to normal Composer install without shared folder).

/digimore-bluetooth-keyboard-for-mac/. Make sure everything is loaded before going to the next step using docker logs -f symfony_docker_test (you should see the server running). • Open your browser and have a look to.

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