How To Make Xat Avatars On Gimp For Mac


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I've been trying to make avatars, too, with very limited success. I have Mac OS X version 10.4.7 with no system folder. I've used Preview but when I get the file size down (6GB) the quality goes way down. Just a brief view on how to make these xat avatars. This is how I make them. Don't ask why I used Latios and Bob. Hope it helps =P. Once you’ve copied the image, in GIMP go to Edit > Paste As > New Layer. Creating the Cutout Effect with GIMP. Creating this effect is simply a matter of adding color to the paper, creating a letter where the paper texture is masked over it in a different color, then simulating the appearance of lights and shadows in order to make the letter look like it’s cut out of a piece of paper.

• Download and install GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) if you have not already done so (see Resources). GIMP is a program for manipulating images. It is free to use, modify and distribute. • Choose an image. You can use your digital camera to take the picture, use a picture you have taken in the past, create an image or use a picture someone else took or created. If you use an image that someone else owns, you need the owner's permission.

A great place to find images you can legally use is Creative Commons, which is a license method that allows owners to give permission for others to use their work under certain conditions (see Resources). • Open your image in GIMP. Click on 'File,' then 'Open' to open a navigation screen. In the center is a list of folders and files in the directory you choose. Use these to navigate to your image file, which will open in the main screen.

• Crop the image. On the toolbox toolbar, click the rectangle in the top-left corner, which is the rectangle select tool. Make a box around the part of your image that you want to keep.

Keep a little extra to allow more flexibility in later steps. Click 'Image,' then 'Crop to Selection,' and the extra is cropped out of your image.

• Change the canvas size. Most avatars are square, so both sides should be the same length. Click on 'Image' and 'Canvas Size.' To the right of 'Width' and 'Height' is a link icon. Click on that so it looks like a broken link. This allows you to change one of the sides without changing the other. Set it so that both are the same size.

Click 'Resize' when you are happy. Best free dvd copy. • Scale the image to the right size. Click 'Image' and then 'Scale Image.'

Change the width to 80 pixels, and the height should follow. Click 'Scale.' • Click 'File' and 'Save As.' Navigate to where you want to save it and give it a name.

Make sure it ends with the '.jpg' extension. Click 'Save,' then 'Export,' then 'Save.' • Upload your file to the site you want the avatar on and enjoy! • Was this answer helpful? Related Questions Q: A: Open up XnView and navigate to the images that you want to make the slide show with.

Select all of the images. Click on the Slide show icon. Q: A: Research the limits placed on your avatar. On your own blog or email, an avatar's height, width, and file size are unlimited. However, a thi.

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Q: A: Navigate to a website that offers an online animated avatar generator. Click on 'Create Avatar' to load the avatar generator, and then sel. Q: A:Using Photoshop Open Photoshop and click 'File,' then 'New.' Name the file 'NewAvatar' and change the width and height to 2 inches. Q: A: Log on to the Zwinky website. Click on the 'Creator' button and select the basic form for the avatar. Customize the avatar on the next s.

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