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This How-To is spawned from this thread: My response got some pretty good traction, and someone asked for a more detailed writeup, so here it is. When I got tired of not having some tool or another that I wanted at different times, I decided it was time to build the Ultimate USB Multitool. It's a pre-boot rescue disk, a portable app launcher, and a data recovery device all wrapped up in one. Best of all, it includes the capability to replicate itself to another USB Drive, so when someone says, 'Hey, that's pretty cool. Could I get one of those?' I can just create one for them on the spot.

As you can see from the dropdown, YUMI recognizes a lot of popular tools. For each of them, you're going to have to give it an ISO of the tool you want to load onto the preboot drive. Some distros, like Hiren's Boot CD, don't list a download link, so you'll have to go get it yourself. Others, like Ultimate Boot CD, display a download link. Click the 'Download Link' checkbox, click Yes, and the download will begin in your browser of choice. Put your ISOs in the Images folder in the working directory. The sky's the limit, but here are the tools I have on mine: 1.

Toshiba satellite c850a669 driver for mac. Acronis Antimalware ScanCD 2. AVG Rescue disk 3. CloneZilla 5.


Alright, you need to make the USB stick bootable first, but do not worry – it’s all listed in this tutorial. 😀 Here’s what you need to create a Windows installation media A Windows PC with enough free space (about 600 megabytes for creating bootable Windows XP USB media, about 4 gigabytes for Windows Vista and later). Learn 5 methods to make an bootable USB! Do you have an USB that you still don’t use it? Now it’s the time to find a utility for your USB. An operating system install drive for your Windows, UNIX and Mac Systems, or even as a diagnostic tool for you desktop or laptop may be the solution.

Also announced is a program called Steam Play, where players who buy the Mac version of a game will also be able to download the PC version of the same game free of charge. Steam for Mac was released on May 12, 2010. Mac App Store Mimicking their strategy with the platform, Apple has recently added an integrated App Store to the Mac OS. Under this new system, Valve games would be able to run natively on the Mac, and 3rd parties would be able to release a Mac version of their game on Steam. Game platforms for mac.

How To Make The Ultimate Bendable Steve

Comodo Rescue Disk 6. Hiren's BootCD 8. Ihbs312 drivers for mac. PartedMagic 9. Trinity Rescue Kit 11. /sd-adu2lan-m3-driver-for-mac/. Ultimate Boot CD 12. Ubuntu (this will allow you to partition some storage space for the OS as well, so I have a couple gigabytes of storage on this one) 13.

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Windows 7 Install Media 14. Windows 10 Install Media If the ISO is bootable but not listed in the dropdown (like SpinRite), there are 4 options at the very bottom of the list to load other bootable ISOs. You may have to do some experimentation with the 4 methods before you find one that will boot the tool you have. **NOTE** Not all these tools are free, or are only free for personal use. SpinRite is a perfect example; we bought a site license of it years ago. Always be sure to use software within the terms of the EULA.

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