How To Enable Sound Notifications In Chat Client For Mac


First of all, you can always mute the audio on your Mac all together — and sometimes that's a good idea. But other times you may want to hear audio from some apps (like iTunes, for example), but you may want to selectively shut off notification noises from others.

It's pretty easy to tailor these sorts of sounds, though it can be an arduous process. Here's how to get started. To turn off notification sounds on your Mac • Click on the  menu.

• Select System Preferences. Install turbotax from a cd. • Click on Notifications. • Click on the name of the app whose behavior you'd like to modify. • Uncheck Play sound for notifications. That'll do it.

Now you'll continue to get alerts from the application, but you'll be free of any annoying notification noises associated with it. I said it's an arduous process up front. That's because Notification Center in OS X doesn't give a global setting to shut off audio notifications from all apps. You'll need to click on each individual application in that list inside the Notifications system preference and uncheck the Play sound for notifications preference to shut them all up. But this does give you fine control over what can and can't make noise at you while you're using your Mac. This won't shut off all sound from those applications — if they're active, and sound is part of what they do, they'll continue to make noise.

But if you find the constant 'ding' of incoming mail to be distracting, for example, this is an easy way to shut that off without taking away from the auditory experience of the rest of your Mac. Any questions?

How To Enable Sound Notifications In Chat Client For Mac

Enable sound alerts in the Chat pod for new messages. To activate the chat notifications, click Chat sounds from context menu of the Chat pod. In the HTML client, use the Sound Off/On toggle option from the context menu. Dismiss a reminder. When the reminder appears, click Dismiss. Turn off all reminders. On the Outlook menu, click Turn Off Reminders. Turn off reminder sounds. On the Outlook menu, click Preferences. A sound set for Outlook is a folder that contains six sound files and a.plist file that maps each sound file to an Outlook event. Change or turn off sounds On the Outlook menu, click Preferences. If you’re using Firefox on Mac OS X, you might want to disable the native OS X notifications for Firefox to avoid notifications doubling. Firefox adds a sound to each web app notification, which makes it hard to distinguish the notifications from one another.

Hosts and presenters use the Notes pod to take meeting notes that all attendees can see. The meeting notes remain visible in the pod throughout the meeting or until a presenter edits them or displays different notes. A host can hide the Notes pod, or switch to a different room layout that does not include the Notes pod. When you type a message in the Notes pod in a particular layout, the same text appears in other layouts that contain the same pod. With the Add New Notes option, you can create a unique instance of a Notes pod that appears only in one layout. Hosts and presenters can use the Notes pod in several ways: • Create a single, persistent note that is visible to attendees during the entire meeting. • Create multiple Notes pods to display different notes.

• Share the contents of a Notes pod through email or export to a text file. Use the Chat pod to communicate with other attendees while a meeting is in progress.

If you have a question and do not want to disturb the meeting flow, you can send a chat message to another meeting participant. For example, when you first enter a meeting room, you can introduce yourself by sending a chat message to everyone in the room. As a presenter, you can use multiple Chat pods simultaneously.

Chat pods can display content either to everyone or only to presenters (in the Presenter Only area). Chat pod content persists in a meeting room until deleted. If you want to preserve the content for future use, send the content through email. If you are a host or presenter using the Adobe Connect application for desktop, chat notifications let you communicate with your audience while you are presenting.

How To Enable Sound Notifications In Chat Client For Mac

The meeting window is minimized or maximized to full-screen, concealing the Chat pod. If an attendee sends a message while you are presenting, a notification appears in the lower-right corner of the screen.

You can see the sender’s name and the first few words of the message in the notification window. By default, chat notifications are enabled. However, you can disable the display of notifications during presentations. Here are some examples in which the Q&A pod is helpful: • During a large meeting, questions are added to a queue on the Q&A pod while the speaker presents. After completing the presentation, the speaker reviews the messages, applies a filter, and begins answering the questions. • A meeting moderator answers logistical questions but forwards technical inquiries to an engineer, who is presenting. • A meeting moderator returns certain replies to the sender only.

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