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Ondesoft AudioBook Converter for Mac allows users to easily pull iTunes and Audible Audiobooks Audiobooks DRM to your M4B, M4P, AA, AAX purchased can be played on any device you like. The audiobook chapter information retained in the output M4A files; you will find it easy to start where it left off. Supported OS: Windows 8, Win 7, Vista, XP Top 3. Ondesoft iTunes Coverter (Mac) If you need to unlock and convert DRM protected audios on Mac OS X, Ondesoft iTunes Audio Converter is a great choice. Ondesoft iTunes Converter Review – Unlock iTunes Music, Apple Music, Audiobook Different from past, the way people enjoy music from buying CDs turns to subscribing music streaming service monthly. Apple Music, one of the most popular music streaming subscription services, has 36 million subscribers till Feb.

DRM is the digital right management protection that is imprinted on video and audio files that are electronic. These include M4P, M4V, WMA, WMV, EPUB books and others. Most of these will play on the assigned devices that the manufacturer allows, for example, Windows Media can play WMA and WMV files and iTunes is used for M4P and M4V. Prevents copying and other use controls that the creators want in place, to prevent sharing or playing on devices not created by the manufacturer. There are programs available now that will locate and neutralize the DRM coding and files off of the media you want to copy. This will allow your content to play on multiple devices and you are not relegated to only one player for your music, movies or e-books.


Ondesoft specifically works on iTunes products so you are not relegated only to playing them on an iTunes device. Your library of video whether rented or purchased can be converted from a protected file to a DRM free one. Apple allows only about five Apple IDs for use per user with purchased or rented movies but the can let you play your files on any device as often as you want to. Ondesoft can convert your iTunes purchased movies and TV shows and rentals as well. Play them on your iPod or any video player of your choice. Now you are not relegated to the limited number of Apple devices you own since Ondesoft outputs MP4 files for use with any MP4 player.

Ondesoft works to remove the DRM from movies, TV shows and any MP4 movies. Network security for mac. It’s for use with iTunes M4V and converts to an MP4 for use on any device. Your files will contain all the same metadata as the original. Scene headers, subtitles and sound will all remain, even Dolby sound and closed captions can still be played. You will have an original file with all the accouterments with only the protection removed. Ondesoft works fast, too. It runs up to 30X speeds and you can convert several files in a batch at once.

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/c16-plant-oils-on-flowvella/. Select the shows and movies in your library and click to convert. Ondesoft converts at 30X speed while you watch and notifies you once converted. MP4 is the most common output files in use and Ondesoft automatically converts to that format. Your new video plays at 1080P HD and you will have a copy with no loss of quality from the original. Ondesoft is created for video only. Ondesoft makes other converters for audio and audiobooks too. The software purchase comes with free technical support and upgrades.

Hot Review Ondesoft Audio Book Converter For Mac

It’s for use with Mac OS X 10.9 or above.

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