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As per previous post, I went to collect my pair of HB3 original form Warshall the the midland UK on the. I was so excited driving back. So excited that I nearly prayed for angels to help me push my car faster. It was a memorable experience to witness the beauty of such a legendary speaker systems.They are in very good condition and have been in the same place for almost 26 years.The Foam grid has deteriorated but that should not be and issue because I have a solution for it.

From this Heybrook was born in 1978, named after the scenic bay in Plymouth where the company was situated. It was the brand name of Mecom Acoustics (the name being a compound of Mee and Comeau) and Peter began designing the HB2, which was launched in the following year to an unsuspecting world. Six months ago, after half a lifetime of being very happy with my trusty Rega Planar 3, A&R A60 and Heybrook HB2s, I finally decided it was time to invest in something new and this time Naim was at the top of the list.


I have had over 120 pairs of various speakers but never much heard about HEYBROOK early 80,s design. This reinforced my believe that the best both sound and speaker systems were designed from the late 50s to late 80s.

I believe that the emergence of digital media in the mid 80s has had and important impact on system design. I believe that crossovers has been reviewed to match the evolution in sound delivery. I am luck I will admit, to have 2 different pairs of Heybrooks at my disposal for a comparative listening test. On the understanding that I am not going to use any professional equipment. I am relying solely on my trusted ears and my actual system configuration: ( Vinyl source: Thorens TD 124/II with Hadcock GE 228 tonearm and Ortofon cartridge, CD source: Micromega stage 2, Preamplifier: ROTEL RC 972, Power amps: McIntosh MC2105, MC2205, Tube amps: Modified Baldwin Type AD and a Pair of RCA New Orthophonic High Fidelity mono blocs (quad 6v6GT or dual 6L6). A basic configuration in essence, but satisfactory enough to identify the good and bad speaker system.

I have already notice a fundamental difference in sound reproduction between the two different settings.Their soundstage is much cleaner when placed at 70 to 100 cm from a back wall. They have very decent low frequency response which lead me to criticize why some people found it necessary to complement their setup with sub woofer, in the goal of achieving a compensation the lack of bass response form HB3s across the room. Their bass response is awesome with the McIntosh, probably due to the high current output of the auto transformer.

Will be right back. I just thought that I would let you know what I drive my Heybrook HB3's with! I have a Thorens TD 145 turntable with an Empire S600LAC cartridge Cambridge Audio 640p phono preamp, Cambridge Audio 650BD SACD-DVD-CD-etc player Modified Velleman K2080 tube preamp, Modified Dynaco ST-70 power amp. I must agree however that they sound absolutely terrific with a Mcintosh, as I do repair work I have had the chance to test them with the MC30, MC40, MC75, MA230, MC225, as well as Quad, Scott, and many others. I must admit that the bass really comes home with the MC30 or MC40's though the sound-stage is better with the MC225. Funny as the preamp section is solid state!

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Crossover For Mac Windows Applications

We are now also able to supply precision cut, reticulated foam grilles for the Linn Isobarik and Linn Sara speaker systems. The Isobarik set comprises 4 x 15mm foam pads and the velcro spacers required to raise the top grille so that it clears the 4 studs located around the upward facing driver. The grilles do not interfere with the operation of the drive units but do give the speaker a clean and modern appearance. Pretending to work.

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