Hazard4 Manila13 Leather Sleeve For Mac


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The Manila-13 is well padded, fits a uni-body MacBook Pro 13' very nicely and the red tie string always gets noticed! The leather is not 'buttah' smooth Italian leather, but neither is the price. *The MacBook Air is a very pretty piece of hardware. For that reason, it's not right to hide it away in just any old sleeve. Can the hand-made leather Joli sleeve match the Air's sense of style. Hazard 4 Black Manila-13 MacBook Air 13' Leather Sleeve Get the now-iconic manila envelope for your new MacBook Air 13' and unibody MacBook 13'. The Manila-13 features resilient, water-shedding high quality leather, padded protection on all sides, Civilian Lab exclusive ventilating holes, and embedded Velcro closures for extra closure security.

Hazard4 Manila13 Leather Sleeve For Machine

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Intended to be a very good product for pretty much any person, we're confident you will appreciate the Hazard4 Manila-11 Leather Sleeve for Mac 11in. Formulated by using some of the very most heavy duty and dependable materials around, these from will provide you with something that will give many years of consistency. Has been making top quality products for a very long time, and the Hazard4 Manila-11 Leather Sleeve for Mac 11in. Is their particular means of showing you how much they care.

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Hazard4 Manila13 Leather Sleeve For Mac

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