Good Value Russian Keyboard Cover Stickers For Mac


Flowvella Feb 16, 2014  Stickers bought from Actual duration of this time-lapse was a good 25 minutes. I am learning Russian, and having Cyrillic labels on my keyboard gives me more reason to type in Russian.

Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sticker for laptop keyboard cover The cover fits over the keyboard very well. All the letters are aligned properly Although the shipping time was not ideal it was not bad. Some symbols are slightly different in size but it’s not noticeable unless you’re looking really hard.


It was well worth the price. The stickers are fine. On the pic you can see their size on my keyboard in comparison with the other letters. Is it normal for macbook air to get hot. I converted a us qwerty keyboard into french azerty.

Result is ok. It does the job.

Excellent deal The item did not arrive, but the seller agreed immediately to a refund. Fast response, and incredibly helpful, polite and attentive. Customer service is good. It is a good company, the item just didn't arrive. If the item does arrive, I'll contact the company and pay back the refund. Overall, satisfied.

Ordered 15 march and received 4th april. This arabic sticker keyboard is very good. The stickers stick nicely onto an actual keyboard. And they can also be peeled off. But i used mine on a silicon keyboard. And it also works well on there. The stickyness of the keys is ok.

They dont peel off too easily which is great. I would definitely recommend these stickers for your keyboard, they are a nice size and work well. I will be buying more for other keyboards. Great seller thank you! Very fast delivery and great price.

Good Value Russian Keyboard Cover Stickers For Macbook Pro

/cheapest-photoshop-for-mac/. Good quality cover and MUCH cheaper than you'd be able to buy from the normal Mac re-sellers I've been to in SE Asia.

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