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AutoCAD, the industry-standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) application from Autodesk, is back on the Mac after an 18-year hiatus. This is good news for many Mac fans in the architecture, engineering, and design professions who have been unwilling to give up their MacBook Pros and iMacs for the sake of a single application, despite its status as a very important part of their workflow. With the new Mac version of AutoCAD for freeform 2D and 3D design and drafting, Mac users no longer need to use or ( )—or suffer a PC on the same desk with their Mac. Mac from the ground up AutoCAD 2011 for the Mac is not a port from Windows. Rather, Autodesk has programmed this version for the Mac from the ground up with a conscious effort to take advantage of the Mac OS X interface. Instead of offering the ribbon-based interface of the Windows version, Autodesk has has chosen to place more AutoCAD functions in the pulldown menus.

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My passport for mac instructions. Floating tool palettes also include most of the same tools as the menus, while the interface will look familiar to users of other Mac CAD applications. Autodesk has also taken advantage of multi-touch trackpad gestures (and offers similar moves on Apple's ( ) For example, two-finger swipes scroll up or down, pinching can zoom in or out, and a shift plus two-finger swipe can rotate around a 3D model. Cover Flow navigation lets you easily flip through your designs. While AutoCAD is a complex and powerful application, the system requirements are higher than much of the competition on the Mac (such as ( ), ( ), and Ashlar-Vellum), starting with a minimum of 3GB of RAM and higher screen resolution (1280 x 800 pixels).

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My biggest reason for never using Mac is because of AutoCAD. The last AutoCAD I bought was 2000 with Desktop 3. I still use it when old clients call on me. Apr 23, 2015  They're quality built machines but since they're windows-based, the get viruses easy and he came close to losing a major job because of a virus. I would like him to switch to Mac and run AutoCAD on the Mac OS and not parallel/partition on Windows as that would be pointless. AutoCAD for Mac also offers users easy, cross-platform collaboration with suppliers, customers, clients, and partners because of its support for the DWG file format. AutoCAD, the industry-standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) application from Autodesk, is back on the Mac after an 18-year hiatus. This is good news for many Mac fans in the architecture. Because AutoCAD LT is strictly 2D, the area on the left has just a Drafting tab, but it offers the same capabilities to customize that tab as found in AutoCAD 2017 for Mac. AutoCAD LT 2017 for Mac also includes the same new centerline and center mark commands and PDF import and export capabilities found in AutoCAD 2017.

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