Goldtouch Sk2721 Adjustable Portable Ergonomic Keyboard For Mac


Goldtouch Mac Keyboard FAQs. Below are answers to our most commonly asked support questions we get on our ergonomic keyboards for MACs. To reveal an answer, simply click on the question. The Gold touch keyboard is the only fully adjustable, plug and play keyboard for pc and mac users. Despite its stand-out looks it fits right in to your lifestyle, whether your office is high-tech, casual, or a room at home that doubles as a guest room. The Goldtouch GTU-0088 is a split keyboard that fits a large range of body types. Compatible with a PC and a MAC, the GTU-0088 has an adjustment to raise its feet so that the wrists, arms and shoulders can be in a neutral or a downward position.

While there are many different ergonomic keyboards on the market, hardly any are suited to portable use. Standard curvy models like the MS 4000 are too big to fit in a laptop bag (though that doesn’t keep some people from trying). The Kinesis Freestyle is compact enough, but its multiple pieces make for an awkward carry. Also, these keyboards can only sit in front of your laptop on a desk, not straddle it.

Are airline passengers and park-bench poets simply doomed to a life of poor ergonomics? Only if they’ve never heard of the Goldtouch Go, a miniaturized and highly portable version of the Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard can that actually straddle your laptop. A brief review of the Goldtouch core principles In case you’ve just joined us here on the Ergonomic Channel, the main purpose of most ergonomic keyboards is to straighten out your wrists and open up your arms. Different designs encourage this “natural” typing posture in various ways. The Goldtouch permutation involves a split keyboard with a ball joint in the middle. This system offers an insane variety of possible splay, tent, and tilt combinations.

If you’re still not clear on how this works from the pictures, hop over to and read up. The Go works exactly like a smaller version of its older sibling. Yes, it really does straddle the laptop keyboard When I first tried to fit the Go on top of my laptop keyboard – like all the pictures show – my reaction was a grunt of disappointment and disgust. Even though my Toshiba laptop is only a 15.6″ model, it has an extra-wide keyboard with a dedicated number pad. Thus, it looked obvious that the Go had no possible footprint to avoid mashing down on the built-in keyboard while typing.

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I started mentally concocting a scheme to spread out the load using a yellow legal pad as a sort of table. I was just setting it up – and congratulating myself for my ingenuity – when it occurred to me that my newly-invented kludge was completely unnecessary. The Goldtouch Go handily spans my laptop keyboard so that no keys are accidentally pressed. As it turns out, the Goldtouch engineers should be given credit for some intelligence (unlike me, apparently). They realize that certain laptop keyboards are wide, and they address this problem by spanning the built-in keyboard the other way. Floor plan maker mac awesome best 2d floor plan software for mac.

Instead of trying to reach all the way from the left edge to the right, the Go spans the depth of the keyboard. You may have to feel around a bit for the correct position on your particular notebook, but those four contact points are far enough apart to find four steady rests, clear of all the built-in keys. Ready, set, Go Setting up the Goldtouch Go is something you’ll be doing a lot if you use it in a mobile context. Step one is to take off the plastic covers by pressing down on the sticker-indicated spots and sliding. Once the covers are off the top, flip and slip them onto the bottom. This keeps them with the keyboard so they don’t get mistaken for drink coasters and left in the coffee shop. Just as importantly, you’ll need those non-slip rubber strips between the keyboard and your work surface.


The Go is picture here set up for use in your lap. Now it’s time to adjust the Go. Yes, the keyboard flattens for travel, so you will need to do this all over again every time you unpack it. And no, the Goldtouch Go has no presets or markings of any kind to help you get exactly the same setting again, so I hope you are not too finicky about “the one perfect position.” If you are, you could always try marking the ball joint with a grease pencil. (If that doesn’t work, you didn’t hear it from me.) To make your adjustment, open the handle and put the keyboard in the desired operating position, then snap the handle shut to lock it.

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