Gnustep Vs. The Cocotron For Mac


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I know that the Mac and the PC use different software. Sometimes it's written for the WPC, and not the Mac, and vice versa. But what's different about the programming? What needs to change to make a previously 'windows only' program available for the Mac, and vice versa. Can both OS have programs that were written in traditional C? On another note, I also think of Objective C as being for Mac.

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Can Obj C programs also be written for the Windows PC? I'm writing programs in C on my Mac, using Text Wrangler and Terminal.

Gnustep Vs. The Cocotron For Mac

Can these programs only be run on my Mac, or are these 'simple' beginner programs universal for both? Thanks Scott. The C portion of the program can be exactly the same. The problem is using any OS function calls (except perhaps for a few common posix calls) or using any UI API.

These are often completely utterly incompatibly different. So different that there can be no 1-to-1 translation much less complicated that running a whole VM hosting most or all of the alien OS. Developers can get around this by writing their program in 2 parts, one part that does zero OS, IO, or UI calls, in say just plain ANSI C, and the other part native to the UI/OS frameworks, say using C#/win32 APIs, or Objective C/Cocoa, or C++/Xwindows, etc. You will have to recompile even the portable part on each platform as the binary and linker formats used are different. Then connect the portable and non-portable parts together.


Easier said than done sometimes. Objective-C, the language, is available for Windows as part of the Windows port of GCC. It's not provided by Microsoft's tools though. However, by Objective-C, you probably mean Objective-C + the Cocoa libraries. There an implementation of Cocoa available for Windows called GNUstep. I've never used it though.

You could use C and a cross-platform library like GTK, or use C++ and Qt or wxWidgets. These cross-platform libraries will 'translate' a common set of functions into the platform-specific functions. You'd still need to be careful that the non-GUI parts of your program are pure C or C++ so they can be compiled on both Mac and Windows. The problem with the cross-platform libraries is that applications written under these often don't feel quite right to the users. Mac users expect apps to behave differently than what Windows users -- beside not having the computer crash reguaaly -- and the cross-platform libraries don't adjust for all of the differences. This is the advantage of firewood's suggestion.

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