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Kiwi for Gmail brings Gmail right to your desktop and gives you a great way to access the popular email service from your Mac. If you would rather have a great desktop client for Gmail, @KiwiforGmail may be perfect for you!

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[UPDATE: People seem to be loving this post, so I created a to help you learn and leverage Gmail’s most underrated features and power through your inbox like a boss! Sign up today and get the first lesson sent to your inbox immediately. It’s completely free.] If you know me you know I love Gmail. But managing my email in a tab in my browser gives me anxiety. Ram Everyone should manage their email in a desktop app, separate from whatever is going on in the random 10+ tabs you have open in your browser.

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However, to date most of the Gmail desktop apps have tried to reinvent the Gmail experience and interface. And then I met the guys and gals behind the soon to be launched desktop app –.

I’ve been using the beta version of the app for a few weeks now and it’s awesome. Finally, a Gmail Mac app that’s fast, reliable and a mirror image of Gmail on the web (plus a few new and amazing built-in features.) Those of you who have tried to use a desktop app but have found yourself back to using Gmail in your browser, you’ll appreciate the brilliant yet simplistic thinking that went into the creation of this app. Instead of telling you anymore about it, let me show you via the screencast demo above and and my today!

Email is the single most important element of daily work life; without which we would be less-than-efficient. We rely upon email to communicate, send files, schedule, and much more. Every company depends upon different solutions for email - some use Gmail. For those that depend upon Gmail, the browser interface may not be the ideal interface to work with throughout the day. For those wishing to have a more standard email client, you're in luck.

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I have found five efficient, user-friendly desktop email clients that interact with Gmail. No more will you have to depend upon a browser-only interaction with your email account.



Let's take a look at these five clients and see if any of them can stand up to your demands. Each of them offers a different feature set; but all of them tackle the most important task – email. Is the one Linux-only client on the list. It's written in Vala and intended for seamless integration into the GNOME desktop. It's about as simple as it gets - open it up and use your Gmail account. There are few bells and whistles to this take on the desktop Gmail client.

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