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Which laptops? Updated Confirmed 6831fx 6860fx Unconfirmed (but similar laptops) 7805 7807 78xx I have made a bootcd that works on my computer. It's for people who don't have any versions of OSX installed nor have any available to work on. This way only works if you are installing on the SECOND harddrive on your laptop. The FX series comes with 2 bays for hds.

Select your preferred country or region. © 2012 All rights reserved. GATEWAY P-6860FX DRIVER FREE - Without a doubt, compatibility is the most important factor in buying a memory upgrade for your laptop or computer. The fact it has the ability to have two drives, but no raid is odd. All equipment facilities installed on Gateway P-6860FX are listed below. In order to facilitate the search for the necessary driver, choose one of the Search methods: either by Device Name (by clicking on a particular item, i.e. NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS) or by Device ID (i.e. PCI VEN_10DE&DEV_0609).

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Download Drivers For Gateway Laptop

Go buy a 2.5' hd and install it in the empty bay. We'll use that. This will NOT touch your Windows installation if you install it on a separate drive. I used the Scorpio 320gb blue that came with my computer for my Snow Leopard and put in a Scorpio 320gb black for my windows installation.

What doesn't work: Wifi - buy one off ebay that is known to work (dell 1395/etc) Sleep ESATA What works: HDMI Audio Keyboard/Trackpad VGA Mostly everything else My geekbench score - 4757 1. Buy a Snow Leopard Disc and restore it to a USB (8gb). Download the BOOTCD file from the link at the bottom. Burn the bootcd using the slowest speed (cd or dvd - doesn't matter) 4. At the bios screen press f10 to get to the boot menu. Chose the cd/dvd drive. Once you get to the Chamelon boot screen select the USB drive where SL is restored to.

Once you get to the installation screen go to utilities > diskutitilty > the empty hd > partition > 1 partition > options > GUID > name it Snow (or whatver) and select macosjournaled > erase. After it's done exit diskutitlies from the top bar. Click next until you are at the which drive to install to.

Click the drive you just erased and click customize. Deselect all and now install.

Insallation should take 15-20min. Once it's done reboot. Takeout the snow leopard disc (or usb) and insert the bootcd. Repeat step 4-6 but this time select the drive you installed SL on. /olde-english-message-board-view-topic/. Once snow leopard is booted copy the gateway file folder to the desktop. Extract it and you should see these files: extra, kext helper, kext utility, bootloader, applehda 13.

Click bootloader > install v2.0 r665 14. Once bootloader is installed then copy the extra folder to the root of your snow leopard hd 15. Then click on kext utility, enter your password and run it. Counter-strike source for mac. Once it's done reboot. Now you can boot from the HD. No need for CD anymore 16. Install all updates (10.6.6) - restart is required.

Once back in SL open up kext helper, drap applehda to it, enter password and reboot. Kext helper sometimes doesn't close so a force close might be needed or just wait until it reboots. Everything works expect for sleep and camera partially works.

Gateway P 6860fx Driver For Mac

Let me know how it goes. BOOTCD GATEWAY FILES. Okay so I finally got it working today. I think I found the problem for cpu panic 0.

I have two GUID partitions on my drive. The 1st partition contained Leopard and on the 2nd one I was trying to install Snow Leopard. Decided today to start fresh. Booted up with ipc 10.5.8 and in disk utility created two partitions. Named the 1st one Snow and the 2nd one Leopard.

Installed 10.5.8 to the leopard partition and once I got into 10.5.8 went ahead and followed MACinizeds guide and installed 10.6 to the Snow partition. So Snow partition is 1. Leopard is 2. And guess what. No CPU panic 0.

Another problem I was facing was the NTFS (volume name) Version 3.1. - Think the problem was that I installed parallels the first time. I don't know what my windows drive has to do with snow leopard as they're phyically two different hard drives. But when I installed 10.5.8 and booted up I didn't do anything other than EFIStudio. And Snow leopard installed fine. Of course I'm using the arch=i1386 flag but hey it's better than nothing. Could be useful for Gateway FX owners (6860, 7805, 6831 etc).

Ntfs Driver For Mac

Some problems - Keyboard and Trackpad don't work. Wireless internet doesn't work but I just purchased a broadcom BCM of ebay and it works flawlessly. Video converter mkv to avi It's like $20 shipped.

Tips - MUCH easier if you use a fresh hard drive. Keep Windows and Mac separate and it's possible on our laptops because we have two hard drive bays. Install iPC 10.5.8 or any 10.5.x leopard. If you want to know which kexts I used for iPC PM me. Load the DVD and get to the first window. On the top bar click utilities and then disk utility. Select your new hd (not the windows one) and click on partition.

Xbox One Controller Driver For Mac

Set it up for two partitions. Doesn't matter size. Name the TOP one Snow (this is important). Name the bottom partition Leopard. Click options and select GUID. And then erase. Should take 30-45 seconds.

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