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Macs have never been regarded as good gaming computers. Yes, it’s sad but true that the Mac has always been regarded as an also-ran compared to Windows computers. And part of the problem has been that Apple has not kept pace with Windows PCs when it comes to the power of graphics cards. Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service has the potential to change that and let Macs run any game at the highest screen resolutions available by utilizing high-end Nvidia graphics cards via the cloud. Imagine running the latest and greatest games (that are usually available for Windows PCs only) right on your Mac! Ben School reports on GeForce Now for 9to5Mac: [ Beware the and see why these. .

Gaming on a Mac has always been notoriously difficult, but the introduction of Nvidia GeForce Now could change the Mac gaming landscape forever. Read on to find out more about Nvidia GeForce Now. Answers others found helpful. Can I share my GeForce NOW beta activation code? WHEN IS THE GEFORCE NOW BETA OVER? WILL GEFORCE NOW WORK WITH MY MAC? Jan 01, 2018  HOW TO GET GEFORCE NOW for FREE (NO REQUEST + MAC & PC) Sharif M. Mac, geforce now review, geforce now beta, gaming, geforce now mac, free geforce now games, nvidia geforce now for mac.

] GeForce Now connects users to individual GeForce GTX-powered virtual PCs which allow them to install games from popular services such as Steam, Origin, GOG, Uplay, and more. This also enables Mac users to access any game even if a Mac version is not yet available. In Nvidia’s CES booth, we were able to test out GeForce Now on two devices, an iMac and a Macbook Air both not of the current generation (the exact model and specs were not disclosed). On the iMac, Nvidia had Witcher 3 running over an ethernet connection. The highly-detailed game played without a single issue during our brief testing. More impressive, though, is the performance of GeForce Now on the Macbook Air. The older, less powerful machine had Rise of the Tomb Raider loaded up, and the game played without a single hiccup despite being on the highest settings.

Needless to say, it was pretty impressive. Pricing for GeForce Now is based on the hardware used and the amount of time spent gaming.

For example, $25 will buy 10 hours of gameplay on a GTX 1080-powered machine, or 20 hours on a GTX 1060-powered machine. New users will also get 4 hours of 1080 or 8 hours of 1060 playtime. GeForce Now will be available both on Macs and on PCs starting in March with early access sign-ups available here. You can to GeForce Now on the Mac.

Here are a couple of videos that will give you a taste of what GeForce Now has to offer Mac gamers. /night-template-for-mac/.


Apple's Macs aren't optimized for gaming and often don't have powerful enough GPUs to run the latest gaming titles, a problem that Nvidia is aiming to solve with its designed for Macs. GeForce NOW for Mac, currently in beta testing in North America, lets you use a virtual GeForce GTX gaming PC in the cloud to run games that otherwise may not be possible to play on a Mac. The only requirement is a good internet connection, with the virtual gaming PC handling all of the GPU and CPU requirements. Since Macs aren't known for being gaming machines, PC makers don't typically design new titles to run on Macs. That's also an issue that can be solved with GeForce NOW, because it can stream PC-only games too. So if you've been wanting to play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds on a Mac, for example, you can do so with GeForce NOW. GeForce NOW integrates with Steam and works with the games you already own, so it's not a gaming service that provides access to games.

You need to purchase the games you play, with GeForce NOW providing the power to play them. I've been testing GeForce NOW this week and while it's not perfect, it's promising. Setup is as simple as downloading the and then connecting a Steam account. Since you're essentially streaming the gameplay from the cloud, when you choose a free-to-play game or a game you've purchased on Steam, you don't need to install it because it's already installed and ready to go. With Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, I bought it on Steam, logged into GeForce NOW, and had it up and running on my 2013 iMac in about 30 seconds. GeForce NOW runs a system check when you launch it so you can tell if your connection is going to be good enough for optimal streaming. GeForce NOW is heavily reliant on a fast internet connection, requiring a 25Mb/s download speed at a minimum and a 5GHz wireless router.

Nvidia recommends a 50Mb/s connection or higher to account for other potential internet traffic. Even with a Wi-Fi connection that met those demands, I ran into some problems with frame loss that made the game unplayable a couple of times. When switching over to a hardwired ethernet connection, the game ran more smoothly, so if you don't have a Wi-Fi connection that's robust enough, a physical connection might be necessary to use the service. I was able to successfully play over WiFi for most of my testing, though, as I didn't see the frame loss issue consistently. To ensure players get a low ping, Nvidia has servers located across the United States. Playing PUBG using GeForce NOW was just like playing it on a PC. Best

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