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Hi, In DAX, there is no OOTB function for us to get local time zone. Bca2000 driver for mac. So we need to calculate the UTC datetime value use known time zone. Suppose the local time zone is UTC-8, to convert the UTC value to local datetime value, we can specify the DAX expression like below: Column 4 = FORMAT(Table1[UTC],'MM/dd/YYYY') & ' ' & REPLACE(FORMAT(Table1[UTC],'HH:mm:ss'),1,2,HOUR(Table1[UTC])-8) Then change this calculated column data type as Date/Time. If you have any question, please feel free to ask.

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I would like to show the 'Last Refreshed DateTime' in my reports. I want this to provide the time in PST. The report is currently either refreshed via the Desktop (local to PST), or Online. If I use NOW() in my report, I will get different times depending on whether where the refresh takes place. If via the desktop - NOW() is PST.

Power BI: DAX: Text Functions. Data Analysis Expressions. The number you want to round and convert to text, or a column containing a number. When formatting a date value with the string 'D' you get the date in the long format (according to your current locale); but, if you change the casing to 'd' you get the date in the short format. To convert number to date you can use the FORMAT function. You can format it to your specific date according to this page. Numbers are implicitly converted to text when you apply functions that returns text.

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If I use the schedule refresh, NOW() comes back in UTC time. M code using DateTime.LocalNow() has the expected same effect. Is there M code to generate UTC time, then I can use your formula above to show the PST refresh time in the report? Stuart, Yep, that is the exact issue well defined. I'm looking to solve this in a single measure/widget. His approach appears to be a good way to start, but he ends with: 'Probably the most frustrating thing to me is that I was trying to find a solution that will show it correctly in BOTH Power BI Desktop and Power BI Online. There’s nothing worse than working with a report you know is broken depending on where you look at it.' I'm looking at variations that may provide the solution.

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