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Docker rmi Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Description Remove one or more images Usage docker rmi [OPTIONS] IMAGE [IMAGE.] Options Name, shorthand Default Description --force, -f Force removal of the image --no-prune Do not delete untagged parents Parent command Command Description The base command for the Docker CLI. Examples You can remove an image using its short or long ID, its tag, or its digest. If an image has one or more tags referencing it, you must remove all of them before the image is removed. Digest references are removed automatically when an image is removed by tag.

Tagging someone on Facebook can be difficult sometimes. It doesn’t always work and it’s frustrating when you want to tag another Page and can’t. There is a way to force a Facebook Tag that is a little unusual and it takes a couple minutes of your time. First of all, you may not know that Facebook has a protocol called Open Graph which is basically different elements (such as people, pages, events, and apps) are accessed on Facebook.

Thanks for ur reply, I had already tried with the default value while creating the picklist but again -None- option is displayed. So tell me is it possible to do this functionaility in salesforce or else can i try with Visual force pages. Visitors examine a replica of the Dutch F-35C Lightning II joint striker fighter aircraft during the Dutch Air Force Days at Leeuwarden Air Base in Leeuwarden on June 10, 2016. The option open. A couple of releases have spit out warnings from docker tag -f, and Docker 1.12 is finally removing it.This has caused me to have to update some scripts to figure out if they’re using a version of Docker where it’s required vs. Latest video card driver for mac. One where it’s disallowed (see also Docker 1.12 breaks “docker tag -f” in scripts).

Anyone can access this information (of course privacy settings are in place) through the. To force a Facebook tag there are basically 4 steps. (And a quick update, there is an alternate method that can work at the end of the article) • Get the Open Graph ID number of the thing you are trying to tag (Page, Event, or App – this does not work with Tagging people). • Start your post and tag something that you are able to tag. • View the Source code of your Post. • Adjust the Graph ID number by pasting it into the source code and then post the update.

Let’s break this down step-by-step. #1 Get the Facebook Graph ID number To get the Facebook Graph ID number for the thing you want to tag, go to the Page, Event, or App itself on Facebook and take a look at the URL. If the URL has not been customized, the ID number is showing in the URL itself as you see in this image. If the URL has been customized, all you need to do is to add “graph.” in place of the “www.” For example, I would go to to find my Graph ID number as shown in this image.

#2 Start the Post on Facebook and Tag Anything With this step you are going to create your Post the way you want it but tag anything that you are able to tag – even your own Page name is fine. #3 View the Source Code of your Post Now you want to look at the source code of your post because you are going to manually paste the Graph ID into that code in Step 4. To view the Source Code, right click on the post and select Inspect Element. Now what you will see is the code for your post below.

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Notice where I have the tag in the post code. That is the Graph ID of my own Page there. But I want to force it to another Page. So I will just paste the Graph ID of the Page I want to tag there. #4 Adjust the Graph ID number by pasting it into the source code Now just click on that Graph ID code and paste the other code of the Page you want to tag in manually. The name that is listed won’t matter.

Federal Tag F-329

Now all you have to do is click the blue Post button and your Tag will be correct. If for some reason it didn’t come out correct, you can always immediately delete it, verify the Graph ID and try again.

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Obviously it’s much better when Facebook tags work easily with just the @ and typing in the Page name. But if you really want to tag something and Facebook is acting flaky, then you can force the tag. Big Hat Tip to Will Fries of for showing me this workaround!

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Alternate Method: Edit Your Post Shortly after I wrote this, I learned of another way that tagging can be forced (although this doesn’t seem to work with Events but it is something to try that’s a little quicker than looking up the Graph ID). Thanks to for that tip! Step 1: Create your Post and Schedule it for the future. Your first step is to create your post and don’t worry if you can’t tag the Page. Schedule for any time in the future. Step 2: Edit Your Post in the Scheduled Posts area and add the tag.

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