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Folding@Home is a distributed computing project geared towards understanding how proteins self-assemble ('protein folding'), which is a holy grail of modern. Folding@Home is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases. We use novel computational methods and large scale distributed computing to simulate timescales thousands to millions of times longer than previously achieved.

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Welcome to Tom's Hardware Folding@Home 40051 Team Guide! Table of Content: 1.1 What is the goal of F@H? 1.2 How does F@H work? 2.1 Picking a User Name 2.2 Download 2.3 Passkey 3.1 Windows Installation 3.2 Linux Quick Install Guide 3.3 OSX Installation 3.4 NaCl (Web) Client 4.1 Identity configuration: 4.2 Slots 4.3 Flags 4.4 Remote Control 4.5 Power Slider 5.1 Pico Stat Badge 5.2 EOC Stat Badge 5.3 Other Badges and sigs 6.1 Additional guides 6.2 Forums 6.3 News 6.4 Stats 7.1 Team Rules Please come in and join us against the fight of these diseases that affect many people! What is Folding@Home (F@H)?

F@H is a distributed computing project that runs on many computers that's provided by people like you to simulated protein folding and misfolding. What the goal of F@H? The goal of F@H is to figure out why when proteins misfold, they create diseases and cancers, such as Alzheimer's and Huntington's and find a ways to cures them.

More details here on F@H Science Page. How does F@H work? F@H work by sending packets of data called Work Unit’s too computers that people provide for project.

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How do I get started? Picking a User-name: One of the first things you'll want to do is decide what name you'll want to use for the project. Most people will use their forum name and that normally fine.

Although you may need to check to see if someone else is also using the same name. Airport on flowvella review. Download: After you've settled with a name, you'll need to get a F@H client from F@H download page. NOTE: if your only doing the web version of F@H (google chrome only), you do not have to download anything. Jump to section 3.4 for further details. If the OS and/or OS bit you are using is not showing or your downloading F@H to another computer, you can click on ' See all downloads' like and all download options will be available below.

2.3 Passkey: Once you've determined your OS, the proper client for it, and downloaded it, You'll want to do one more thing before you install the client. You'll want to get a Passkey. A Passkey will do 2 things for you: 1.

This will bind your User name with a WU, allowing you to earn bouns points on WU's you complete. This will prevent someone from impersonating you with the same username and possibly having your account delete because of that individual actions. More info about the passkey here. In your Download folder, you will need to find a file with a name similar to this “fah-installer_7.3.6_x86” Once you click on that and go through all of windows warning/permission messages, you should see a page like this.

Is microsoft publisher available for mac

Click next and next again after seeing all the legal stuff. Now you'll encounter a page asking you about “express install” or “custom install”.

I would recommend a custom install as that will give more option to control the way F@H acts on your computer. Click next and you'll be ask to install “just for me” or “everyone”. It doesn't really matter which way you do it but pick whats best you. Next 2 pages you got “where to install the files” and “were to put want to put the directory files at”. Leave these at default and continue on.

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On this last list of options before installing, this is asking you how you want to run F@H when the computer starts up. The list is: Selecting one of these 3 options will vary for your needs depending on if your a 24/7 folder or not and how you interact with your computer. The option on the bottom for the F@H screensaver, if your going to fold on a system that wont Fold for 24/7, then enable this option.

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