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The Fluenz program is far superior to other offerings in the Mandarin language self-learning space, especially if you have no previous exposure to the language. I have tried several tape and CD courses over the years and this is the quickest and most effective program I have found to learn basic Mandarin. Fluenz addresses the way an English-speaking adult thinks and therefore is easily assimilated. At my advanced age (50-something), I need refresher courses often as I find it difficult to retain what I have learned (especially the tones) when I have no opportunity to practice. This course offers excellent interactive methods to push you to learn quickly. You listen and speak and then you also read and write in pinyin - and it works. The use of pinyin instead of simplified or traditional characters may be controversial but it is also appropriate.

Although most tutors will tell you that you MUST learn both written characters and conversation simultaneously, I know from experience that you proceed considerably more slowly and perhaps get discouraged without some English at the beginning. The use of English is appropriate for adult beginners -- and yet you can ignore the English if you just use the pinyin subtitles so the course is flexible.

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Free book maker for mac. Fluenz tutors connect the language to the culture and how the language is used in different parts of the Mandarin-speaking world. By avoiding English explanations of any kind, no cultural context of any kind can ever be provided. See more Fluenz Mandarin 1 2 3 for Mac PC Online iPhone. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. Learn Mandarin Chonese in as little as 30 days with Fluenz™ language learning software for Mac, PC, and iPhone.

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