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Fortunately, Movavi Video Editor can do the same for your video files – so if you didn’t know how to mirror a video or flip it upside down, now you can! Download Movavi Video Editor for PC or Mac, read our manual, and learn to fix your video’s orientation in less than 5 minutes. Free Video Flip and Rotate is a fast and straight forward tool which enables you to rotate the video in different standard predefined angles. You can rotate the video by 90 degrees, 180 degrees in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Maybe you’re also facing the same trouble, but you’re very lucky to find a powerful and intuitive flip video editor here: Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) (Filmroa for Mac(Originally Wondershare Video Editor for Mac)). This video tool turns all complicated and time.

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Free barcode label software for mac. Flipping images is almost as easy as flipping burgers, but DVDVideoSoft's Free Video Flip and Rotate tackles a harder job, flipping and rotating videos in every axis: left, right, vertical, horizontal, 180, counterclockwise, and so on. It can change the orientation of video clips or restore the correct orientation of videos that have been altered. Of course it's free, or it probably would be named something else besides Free Video Flip and Rotate!


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It's ready for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Free Video Flip and Rotate is totally easy to use. The user interface looks like a big media player with a split screen and an extra set of controls next to the standard Play controls: a bunch of arrows pointing up, down, side to side, and so on.

These are the flip and rotate presets. They aren't labeled, even when hovering the cursor, but they're easy enough to figure out. We browsed to a video to load into the Input field, and then browsed to and selected a destination for our finished video. Clicking 'Play' displayed our video at an accelerated frame rate in the side-by-side Input and Output displays: We simply had to click an arrow to flip or rotate our video until it looked right, and then press 'Stop.' Pressing 'Save Video' started our job from the beginning of our video. Free Video Flip and Rotate worked quickly, displaying a green progress bar. When the job was done, we clicked 'Show in Folder' and opened our saved, renamed video, which played normally in our usual media player, though in this case, 'normally' meant rotated 90 degrees, clockwise.

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Free Video Flip and Rotate has but two options: Auto shutdown and a menu full of interface languages, plus the ability to check for updates. There's no Help file on the interface, but the program's Web site has a detailed user guide. Irwave driver for mac.

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