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MacMost: MacMost Now 84: Flickr Photo Screen Saver. MacMost Now 84: Flickr Photo Screen Saver Gary Rosenzweig looks at how to pull in an updated list of photos from Flickr or an RSS feed and use them as you Mac screensaver. Flickr.Net Screensaver is a free opensource tool for windows that let you view your flickr photos as screensaver. Apart from your own photos, you have the ability to display photos of your contacts, your favorites or a from a group or global tag.

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Hi everyone, I just released the 1.0 version of ShuffleSaver (previous called dynasaver) - my OS X screensaver for You can get it here: ShuffleSaver Thx to everyone, who helped testing and made features suggestions. Download new mclaren 675lt blue wallpaper for mac.

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Hi, the screensaver is a really great app! I like it and I appreciate your work on it! /brother-1240-printer-driver-for-mac/. But there are errors since the last weekend, I get HTTP 403 errors and the screensaver crashes immediately (on all the PC’s with this screensaver).

I’ve tried to reauthenticate with flickr, but there was also an instant crash. The permission on my flickr account for the screensaver seems to be ok, it is set to “read”. I wonder if the flickr-API has been changed? Is there a way to get this great app back? Best, dr_knox.

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Hi, this is Gary Rosenzweig with another fresh episode of MacMost Now. One of the things I wanted to do recently with my Mac was to have fresh new photos brought in from the Internet and then used in my screen saver; so every time my screen saver went on I'd have some new interesting photos to look at. Now there's a bunch of different ways to do that, let's take a look at them on this episode. One of the most popular sites on the Internet for photos is Flickr, and you can view lots of peoples' photos on Flickr and do some really cool stuff, but it turns out Flickr also has a really cool interface for getting photos as RSS feeds. So all you need to do is go to this URL here [] and you can go ahead and get a public feed of various things. So, you want to basically copy and paste the URL on this page and then add some parameters to it. You do that by putting a question mark and then the parameter so for example you put tags= and then you put moon, you'll get lots of pictures of the moon. Download adobe photoshop cc for mac free.


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And the great thing is of course, this is all in an RSS feed so you know this is a universal type of data feed that we can now plug into something else like iPhoto. So go into iPhoto, and iPhoto has the ability under File to subscribe to photo feed and you go ahead and you paste in this feed here for Flickr and it'll take a minute and it will populate a photo album basically with pictures from the feed, in this case pictures tagged with the word moon. So now that we have that we can go into our system preferences. In the system preferences we can go ahead and look at the desktop and screen saver. Switch to screen saver, and you can choose a photo album from iPhoto including the subscribed photo albums. And this one is called recent uploads tagged moon; and there we go, there are pictures of the moon. We can go ahead and run this and it will look basically like this we have lots of options on the display style for the photos so go and choose those and now iPhoto will pull up new pictures of the moon and you get them displayed on your screen as photos in your screen saver.

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