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Flash storage's memory is a form of electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, although flash differs from conventional EEPROM in the way that it erases data. Flash erases whole blocks of data at a time, rather than on a bit-by-bit level, as conventional EEPROM does. As you probably know, the MacBook Air uses flash storage instead of the hard drives found in every other Mac. And while the initial results using our Speedmark 6.5 test suite showed that the Air. When Apple introduced its MacBook Air or Pro with built-in flash storage that starts at just 128 gigabytes, the new question is: 'Is 128GB enough for me?' TarDisk is an easy integrated storage upgrade for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: Use code WICKEDDISCOUNT to get 10% off today.

Flash storage is storage that uses electronically programmable and erasable memory modules with no moving parts. It refers to a very specific implementation of data storage. It can come in different packages though: wrapped in a hard, plastic envelope you slide in to your camera; mounted to a PCB stick with exposed connectors and docked inside your MacPro; or mounted inside a drive enclosure that's slid in to an existing drive bay. SSD, or Solid State Drive, refers to an enclosed storage device that's meant to act as a disk for a computer, but is lean on details about what's inside the enclosure and being used to store the data. Technically, 'solid state' just refers to 'electronics with no moving parts'. So a 'solid state drive' that used ferromagnetic fluids to store data is still an SSD. And indeed, SSDs have been around for a long time with a variety of different solid state storage mediums inside of them to keep those 1's and 0's persistent.

Flash storage for mac pro

However, in this day and age, at the time I'm writing this, SSDs are generally filled with (you guessed it): flash-type memory modules. Though flash-based SSDs generally carry the property that their enclosure is built to mirror that of a typical 2.5' spinning drive disk enclosure with an SATA interface so that it can act as a drop-in replacement for a mechanical disk. Oracle 10g client download for mac. Credit for this answer goes to Short Answer Let's clear up the definitions: Solid State Drive = a hard drive that has no moving parts Flash memory = a method of permanently storing information without power being applied Therefore, the answer to your question is No; Flash Memory is not the same thing as a Solid State Drive.

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