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UK Matias Quiet Pro for Mac - FK302Q-UK It's really quiet. Mechanical keyboards offer the best performance, but they're noisy - too noisy to use in most offices, or around other people. This is the first one that's quiet. Over two years in the making, it's the only mechanical keyboard that keeps both your fingers and your co-workers happy.

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Virtualbox lsi logic scsi drivers for mac. The Matias Quiet Pro for Mac is my first mechanical keyboard. I read plenty of reviews on different keyboards, but I went with the Matias because of the UK + Mac layout, the relatively quiet keys that ought to be very comfortable to type with and the keyboard's outstanding build quality.

Mac-friendly function keys. Just like an Apple keyboard, the Quiet Pro's function keys let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more. There's even an Fn key, that lets you momentarily change the function keys back to their traditional duties, when you need them. ™ € £ © are easy to find. Extra handy (but hard to remember) symbols are printed right on the keys. Simply hold down the Option key for the bottom-right characters, or Shift-Option for top-right characters. Laser etched keys.

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Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard For Mac

Matias quiet pro keyboard for mac

Quiet Pro Vacuum

All those symbols are handy, but what happens when they wear off? They're laser etched - burned into the keys with a laser - so they'll never wear off. Sculpted keytops. The latest trend in keyboards is to have very flat & wide keys, with little or no space between them. You see this a lot on laptops and netbooks.


Dell vostro 1510 bios. While they look great, they can also be a little tricky to type on. The flatness makes it very easy to slide out of home row and lose your bearings. The Quiet Pro bucks this trend. It has traditional sculpted keytops, curved to fit your fingertips, and keep you from sliding out of home position. 3 extra USB 2.0 ports.

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