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Many times when you install applications, they may change the file type associates of which application will run when clicked on. An example is when you click on a file with an txt extension, Windows will open Notepad. FireFox also has file type associates so it can handle which applications to use when you click on a video or audio file on the web page your are browsing. Unfortunately accepting the default during installation of an extension or plug-in can alter the file type association much to your dis-liken. Fortunately there is an easy fix. I'm having the same problem. I have recently replaced my hard drive and have OS 10.3.9 with Firefox 2.0.6.

PDF Download by Nitro PDF Software is the leading tool for handling, viewing and creating Web-based PDF files and is enjoyed by millions of Firefox users every day. View PDF’s inside Firefox with the Firefox-Mac-PDF browser extension Aug 6, 2009 - 1 Comment I like Safari but find myself in Firefox nearly always because of a multitude of reasons.

When I open up 'Manage' i have only two file types to choose from, both for downloading video files. I can't even get it to recognise.pdf as an extension or file type when I type it in the search field! I've tried some workarounds that others have suggested (and MozillaZine seems to think that if I have actually downloaded a.pdf file previously using Firefox it will automatically turn up in the 'Manage' field) It doesn't. Someone out there must be able to help!

/design-house-program-programs-for-mac/. Mac OSX users – To add a new file type to the manage list do this. Download a.doc file from the web (or what ever file type you want to add to the list), and when the download dialog box opens, choose the 'open with' choice and choose the application you want to use to open this type of file (e.g. Pages, MS Word), and then check the 'do this from now on' check box at the bottom.

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After downloading the.doc file, go back the the manage file types choice, and the the.doc file type (or what ever you downloaded) is now added to the manage file types list. I recently installed Firefox on my OSX10.3. I had Acrobat Reader 5.0 at the time of the install so when I downloaded any PDF, Firefox opened the PDF in Reader 5.0. But then I upgraded to Reader 7.1.0 PDFs were still being opened in Reader 5.0 and I was unable to choose Reader 7.1.0 in the Firefox 'Opening' dialog box. My only choice was Reader 5.0 and there was no 'Choose' button available to press (as 'new mac user too' said above, but he was correct for downloading a Word document for the first time; so for some reason things are different for Reader). Anyway, I solved my problem by downloading the MIME Edit add-on. After installing the add-on, goto Tools->Mime edit Select Edit tab and choose New Type. /marilyn-for-mac/.

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Type 'application/pdf' in the MIME type field and 'pdf' in the Extension field (not '.pdf'). Plextor px w4824tu driver for mac. Then select the 'Open it with:' Choose button and find your PDF viewer (i.e. Acrobat 7.1.0). Now when I click PDF links, it launches Reader 7.1.0.

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Good luck with your troubleshooting.

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