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Select Azure Data Factory tools for Visual Studio and click Update. If you do not see this entry, you already have the latest version of the tools If you do not see this entry, you already have the latest version of the tools. Turn on your Mac and immediately press and hold Command (⌘)-R or one of the other macOS Recovery key combinations on your keyboard. Continue holding until you see the Apple logo or a spinning globe. Factory Tools is now offered as a single product which replaces older versions of Factory Tools designated as 'Basic' or 'Pro'. Both types of licenses can be used to activate this version of.

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Credit: SolisImages/iStock/Getty Images Erase Hard Drive Step Insert the Mac OS X Install DVD into the iMac optical drive with the computer running. Restart the iMac and hold the 'C' key while the computer restarts. This forces the computer to start up from the DVD. Step Select the language when prompted and press the 'right arrow' key to continue. Click 'Utilities' in the menu bar and select 'Disk Utility.'

Step Click 'Macintosh HD' in the Disk Utility window and select the 'Erase' tab. Click 'Erase' to erase the hard drive.

This process completely deletes all applications and files stored on the computer. Be sure your data is backed up before erasing the hard drive. Step Click 'Erase' when promoted to confirm the selection. After the process is complete, click 'Disk Utility' in the menu bar and select 'Quit Disk Utility' from the drop-down menu. Install Mac OS X Step Click 'Continue' when the Mac OS X installer screen appears after quitting 'Disk Utility.' Click 'Agree' after reviewing the licensing agreement.

Step Select 'Macintosh HD' as the location for the operating system to be installed and click 'Install' when prompted. Step Click 'Continue' at the information screen indicating the installation is complete. Click 'Restart' at the next screen to restart the computer. Complete the Setup Assistant Step Select the appropriate country or region and click 'Continue' after the computer restarts and the welcome video finishes. Brorsoft video converter ultimate.

Select the desired keyboard layout and click 'Continue.' Step Choose if you wish to import your data at this time from an external backup hard drive. To restore your iMac to factory settings, the data should be restored at a later time.

Click 'Continue' once the selection is made. Step Enter the information for your wireless network if you wish to connect at this time. The information includes the network username and password. Click 'Continue.' Step Enter a username and password at the Create Your Account screen to create your iMac user account.

Click 'Continue' to create the account. /max-rmm-agent-for-mac/. Select a picture for the account and click 'Continue.' Step Enter your MobileMe information if applicable and click 'Continue.'

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Click 'Go' to finish the setup process, and eject the Install DVD by dragging the CD icon to the Trash. Install Bundle Applications Step Insert the Applications Install Disc into the iMac optical drive.

Double-click the 'Install Bundled Software' icon and click 'Continue' when prompted. Click 'Agree' after reviewing the software licensing agreement.

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