Eyefi Mobi Desktop Receiver For Mac


Dec 14, 2013  Eye-Fi Desktop Receiver is a useful and comprehensive software solution that provides you with a simple means of transferring photos, videos and other media related from your camera to a PC. When you format your Eyefi Mobi or Mobi Pro card any photos on the card will be irrecoverably deleted. If possible, please format your Eyefi Mobi or Mobi Pro card inside of your camera. You will find a 'Format' option in your camera's settings menu (consult your camera's manual for specific details).

  1. Receiver For Mac

Receiver For Mac

Eye-Fi is beta testing a new desktop receiver for Windows that will allow for direct transfer from the Eye-Fi Mobi card to the desktop. Howson gbh drivers for mac Launched earlier this year, the Eye-Fi Mobi card uses Wi-Fi to wirelessly send images to your mobile device via an iOS, Android or Kindle app — and now straight to your desktop. While pricing for the final version of the desktop receiver has not yet been announced, the beta version is free to. Eye-Fi promises a beta version for Mac is coming soon. See our to learn how it performs from a photographer's perspective.

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