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6 X 3D Blu-ray Burner External USB 3.0 Optical Drive Super Drive for Apple MacBook Mac Book 12 2016 A1534 MLHA2LL/A MLHC2LL/A Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart. Best External BluRay Drives in 2018 Reviews. If this is the first time that you need to go out and buy a Blu Ray, then you may not be fully aware of the things you need to bear in mind prior to spending your hard earned money on one.

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External blu ray burner

For burning discs, the Pioneer BDR-XS06 drive uses an increased power laser, which is capable of burning and reading BDXL-format discs and working with M-Disc media. Using this external Blu-ray disc drive with BDXL discs allows achieving really impressive disc capacities of 128 GB (write-once discs) and 100 GB (rewritable discs). Thus, if you need to manipulate the data at such scale, this external Blu-ray burner is an excellent option. Needless to say that portable Blu-ray burner will easily handle writing and reading data from the older DVD and CD formats.

For example, burning an entire Blu-ray disc at 6x speed will take 12-15 minutes. This model utilizes the PureRead technology for re-reading the disc surface area with scratches, fingerprints or other damages in an attempt to retrieve the audio data with maximum precision. The PowerRead is another implemented proprietary technology that allows this external Blu-ray drive not to try re-reading the damaged area but to proceed to the next segment so the video sequence read from the disc does not stutter.

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Blu Ray Burner For Mac

This external Blu-ray burner is compatible with Mac system only. The drive supply package includes two USB cables: one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 cable. This external Blu-ray drive uses the USB 3.0 cable for both data exchange and power supply while the USB 2.0 cable is used as an additional power cable in case your PC or notebook cannot provide enough via a USB 3.0 slot.

This option can also come in handy when you have several devices with USB slots so you can connect a separate device to this external Blu-ray writer via the USB 2.0 cable and use it solely for a power supply. The dimensions of this Pioneer external Blu-Ray drive are 5.3 x 0.7 x 5.3 inches. That is why it is easy to carry about and it fits perfectly for taking on a trip, as the drive does not occupy much space inside your notebook bag. The metal casing of this external Blu-ray drive USB 3.0 model in combination with a slot loading mechanism provides an improved anti-shock protection during the transportation of the drive. The silver finish goes well with Apple desktop PCs and MacBooks, for use with which this Pioneer external Blu-ray drive was designed.

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Blu-ray Burner For Mac

OB Roundup The built-in DVD burner is getting pretty hard to find in a laptop. The oh-so-portable ultrabook category skips the optical drive to maintain super-thin profiles and to shave a few ounces off of the total weight, but the optical drive is also becoming scarce in regular laptops, where losing the DVD burner can allow for a slimmer chassis or slightly lower price. Whatever the reasons, when buying a laptop today, the optical drive isn't always part of the package. But while the drives are disappearing, not everyone is transitioning to a discless world of cloud storage and USB drives. Plenty of software is still bound to physical discs, and not every computer has the reliable Internet connectivity needed to take advantage of the cloud. While you can rip a movie from a DVD, not everyone has the know-how to do so or the patience to convert a large DVD collection. The drives may be out of vogue, but the need for an optical drive hasn't disappeared.

External Blu-ray Burner For Mac

Confronto tra autocad lt e autocad lt for mac Enter the external DVD burner. Whether you need to burn DVDs on the go, or just want to enjoy a Blu-ray movie now and then, there are plenty of options to choose from. The desktop bound Plextor External Blu-ray PX-LB950UE gives you all the disc reading and writing capabilities of an internal optical drive, but it's not very portable, weighing 2.65 pounds and drawing power from a wall outlet.

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