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In addition to limiting higher functions of Exchange Mail, in the case of Outlook 2011 for Mac it can result in program instability, and email delay. Outlook 2011 Autodiscover Setup Instructions: If not already in place, configure an Autodiscover record as detailed in the Autodiscover setup article. Oct 08, 2018  I have a few Apple MacBook users with Outlook 2011, and connecting back to my Exchange 2010 server (essentially via OWA). Currently it all works fine.

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Hello, I have a problem where a user is using Outlook for Mac 2011 edition. When receiving email, attachments of 25+ MB are received fine.

Download Outlook 2011 For Mac

When sending email, attachments of 15 MB or more the email fails to send with error: • Client then returns a nondescript error box suggesting an HTTP error, server unable to full fill request. I've already traced this to Mac using EWS for sending emails and attempted to adjust the underlying Exchange 2010 server based on the following guides: • • I've ensured that user mailbox usage is unlimited and all server settings including EWS are set to ~ 50 MB, yet the email still fails. The one area I failed to implement was the timeout value adjustment, on changing this I found Outlook for Mac actually stopped communicating with the exchange server (no windows based PC's affected). The issue of the send limit does not occur on windows version of outlook and they can happy send 25+ MB attachments without issue. We have looked into upgrading the user to Outlook for Mac 2016 but it appears that also still uses EWS. I've performed multiple research and testing but been unable to resolve this issue.

Can someone please offer some input on how to resolve this, or offer evidence of it being fixed on the later releases of Outlook for Mac? Hi, Unfortunately these methods failed. We did narrow down the issue to exchange 2010 specifically, when using a test Mac on office 365 we did not encounter the issue. Shared notebook synchronization not syncing What we found was that changing the limits made no noticeable change, but when adjusting timeout this actually stopped mail flow completely.but only for Mac's, windows machines were unaffected. We are now investigating other options around this as have already spent a lot of time on the Mac issue. Thanks for your support, hopefully these articles will help others.

Microsoft outlook 2011 for mac not responding

Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Not Responding

I am trying to setup an exchange account in Outlook for Mac 2011. I have entered name, e-mail, username (domain username) and password. If I use auto setup it puts:443 I am using the SSL to connect. If I configure manually, I just entered into the server field.

Outlook For Mac 2011 Updates

I have also tried to enter my username without the domain. I have verified the settings using my I-Phone and it connects. I have tried this several ways and it still will not connect.

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