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The men placed fourth behind UIndy, Wingate and Carson-Newman. The women finished in first place in 2017, more than 150 points ahead of the second-place finisher, Carson-Newman. /swimming-and-diving-ready-for-mac/. “Our dual meet lineup is once again fiercely competitive and each of these meets tend to bring out the best in both teams competing.” Two weeks later on Oct. “We are excited to continue holding our annual Shark Invitational, which successfully reinvented itself in the fall last year and this year will feature Florida Tech, University of West Florida, Lynn University and Keiser University,” added Hewitt. “We wanted to maintain the level of competition we saw throughout the year last season while creating a sense of balance for our team as well.” For the third consecutive year, the Sharks will kick off their season hosting the Shark Invitational.

• Pros Ergonomic design. Multiple buttons for broad functionality. /avidxchange-vs-quickbooks-for-mac/. • Cons Glossy finish. Not everyone will appreciate the handshake grip. • Bottom Line The Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 for Mac gets an Apple-inspired makeover, with a sleek black shell and the freedom of Bluetooth. Once you've seen the VerticalMouse, you don't mistake it for anything else.

  1. Evoluent Rh Bluetooth For Macbook

Evoluent Rh Bluetooth For Macbook

The Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 for Mac (Right-Hand)—part of Evoluent's series of ergonomic mice—is designed to put your hand, wrist, and forearm into a neutral handshake position, a position that offers better joint alignment than traditional mice, and thus reducing the joint stress that leads to mouse-related carpal tunnel problems and repetitive stress injuries. Adding a wireless twist to the award winning design of the, the new VerticalMouse 4 (for Mac) loses the cord and gains Bluetooth connectivity, and is available only through the Apple Store.

Now supporting Mac! Connects to Mac systems via Bluetooth. The Evoluent Mouse Manager for Mac provides extensive but easy to use functionality for 6 buttons through a simple and intuitive interface.

That's right, this ergo-mouse is for Macs only. Design As mentioned already, the VerticalMouse design puts your hand into the handshake position, a vertical orientation that prevents the twisting motion caused by more horizontal mice. Other ergonomic mice use different approaches to reducing joint strain. The cradles the hand with a contoured shape that lets it lie on the mouse without need for any sort of gripping action. The takes a different tack, combining a padded wrist rest and a unique version of the laptop touchpad. The result is a mousing experience that skips normal mousing behavior entirely, but seemed to offer the most benefit as a wrist rest. While the ergonomic merits of each approach are open for debate, the simple fact remains that the VerticalMouse 4 (for Mac) is comfortable, and the handshake grip isn't uncomfortable.

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While previous versions of the VerticalMouse have a matte finish, the Mac-specific model has an almost glossy finish, but it's not a huge difference. Our review unit has a white plastic enclosure, being the European model of the VM4 for Mac. Stateside, the same mouse is sold exclusively through the Apple store, and comes in black. Aside from the difference in color, the two models are identical. The mouse itself has several buttons, far more than you'll find on the that comes with Apple desktops.

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