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Online Support Center Notebook and Desktop PCs Have questions regarding your Everex product? Contact our 24 Hour Technical Support Center (Toll-Free) at 866.850.8835, email techsupport@everex.com, or visit the user forums at Access the Online Support Center to find the latest Software Drivers, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), User Manuals, Troubleshooting Guides and Knowledge Base. Download nikon coolpix 990 firmware 1.1 for mac. Looking for a Recovery Disk to reinstall the original operating system of your Everex PC? Visit STEP 1. Contact Information Everex 1045 Mission Court Fremont, CA 94539 USA Everex User Forum Search, share and discuss topics with other Everex owners throughout the world Email Support (submit form) Send a detailed question to Everex Technical Support Online Product Registration* Register your product for warranty and product updates * Failure to complete and return a Product Registration, via online or mail-in form, does not diminish the express warranty rights of an Everex product.

Product Service and Repair Policy Everex (hereinafter referred to as 'EVEREX') makes every attempt to ensure products in need of service or repair be handled in a timely and efficient manner. To facilitate proper processing and handling of such services, the original purchaser (hereinafter referred to as 'CUSTOMER') of new or factory refurbished Everex product (hereinafter referred to as 'PRODUCT') must adhere to the following procedures: Prior to requesting a return for repair or replacement service, please read the original. To obtain product service, CUSTOMER must first contact the EVEREX service department or an authorized service facility as specified by EVEREX. CUSTOMER can call toll-free 1-866-850-8835 or email customerservice@everex.com. Best free passport photo printing software for mac.

How you can identify MAC address and check MAC adress? Zebra gk420d printer software. Vendor Cisco) - the three groups of four hexadecimal digits separated by dots (.), e.g.

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EVEREX will assist in diagnosing any potential claim (hereinafter referred to as 'CLAIM). If it is discovered that a CLAIM does exist and can not be resolved remotely (via telephone or email), EVEREX may at its discretion, issue CUSTOMER a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA number). This RMA number will serve as the CUSTOMER claim and reference number until the issue is resolved or transferred.

The display everex nc1500 – no matter what type it is – everex nc1500 the components inside the computer radiate heat; The LCD is everex nc1500 It is the platform for all your software application programs to run on. Access the Online Support Center to find the latest Software Drivers, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), User Manuals, Troubleshooting Guides and Knowledge Base. Looking for a Recovery Disk to reinstall the original operating system of your Everex PC?

Once an RMA number is made available to CUSTOMER, the PRODUCT must be delivered to EVEREX or an authorized EVEREX service center (hereinafter referred to as 'EVEREX SERVICE CENTER') within 30 days. Delivery and retrieval of PRODUCT to-and-from an EVEREX SERVICE CENTER may be at the CUSTOMER expense.

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When sending PRODUCT to an EVEREX SERVICE CENTER, CUSTOMER must deliver the PRODUCT, freight prepaid, in either its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree of protection. CUSTOMER will be responsible for proper packaging, shipping costs, insurance for loss or damage during shipping, and any other taxes, fees, or charges associated with transporting the PRODUCT(s) to an EVEREX SERVICE CENTER. EVEREX strongly recommends that CUSTOMER apply tracking measures to the PRODUCT as a means to assure it can be properly located during its transit. EVEREX will not be responsible for any lost packages during transit. CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE INCURRED TO THEIR EVEREX PRODUCT & PACKAGE CONTENTS DURING ITS TRANSIT. Upon receiving the PRODUCT, EVEREX will properly examine its contents for any damage prior to any diagnostics or repair work is to be made. If there is any physical damage, EVEREX will notify CUSTOMER of such findings and proceed to return entire PRODUCT to CUSTOMER unless otherwise instructed by CUSTOMER to continue repair at the expense of the CUSTOMER.

If EVEREX is able to duplicate the CLAIM, EVEREX will make all reasonable attempts to repair the PRODUCT in a timely manner. If the reported CLAIM can not be duplicated, EVEREX will contact the CUSTOMER and make arrangements to have the PRODUCT returned.

There may be a service fee applied to the CLAIM, if EVEREX determines that the root cause of CLAIM involves installation of non-authorized 3rd party software or hardware. If EVEREX determines that the CLAIM is not covered under the Everex Warranty Agreement. EVEREX will notify CUSTOMER and inform of any possible fee-based, service alternatives are available. Nikon capture nx 2 nx2 for mac. Notifications will be made for a minimum of 3 attempts. If EVEREX is unable to contact CUSTOMER within reasonable means, the PRODUCT in question will be held for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 1 month from the time the first attempt was made.

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